Wifirst invests €1.5M in new audit platform

Etienne DETRIE (UK)
05 Jan 2023

Wifirst has invested €1.5M in the creation and development of its new web & mobile audit and integration platform. This collaborative platform is called AUDIN and will revolutionise the way our auditors, our delivery project managers and all the integrators who work on our projects work. The result: time savings at all stages and an unprecedented level of quality thanks to the platform's integrated modelling, control and management system. 🚀.

On-site WiFi coverage survey

AUDIN is the new tool for all Wifirst auditors. First, the project manager models the client facility in the platform by uploading floor plans and modelling all floors.

The auditors will use the platform's Android mobile application to carry out their WiFi surveys, detect patterns and thus define the layout of the terminals. To do this, they simply define the test terminals and describe their positions in great detail (with photos) before taking geo-located and historical measurements.













Depending on the customer's specifications, the auditor can choose to carry out tests on any frequency band, and for each band, evaluate: the active RSSI, the speed test download, the speed test upload, the BSSID and the radio channel. An automatic colour code is used to evaluate the quality of the reading. The auditor's experience and expertise will be used to establish patterns and the desired implementation plan for the AP's with very detailed instructions for the integrators who will deploy the equipment.

The mobile application works seamlessly with the web version. The auditor will be able to view all the measurements taken on his computer for a better analysis.



Fine tuning of all equipment

In fact, AUDIN goes far beyond the WiFi coverage audit function. The platform allows to list and locate all the active and passive equipment that make up a complete network infrastructure.


This is one of the most significant new features of the new platform for our teams. The WiFi AP's were already very well modelled in our systems, but the secondary elements were not necessarily dynamically listed, like cable crossing points or adductions. Furthermore, the information attached to each element is now very detailed and will greatly facilitate the work of our integration teams.

Links between devices are also modelled! In the following example, it is clear which AP's should be connected to which switches.



A collaborative platform: Wifirst + Customers + Integrators

Another great strength of AUDIN is that it enables "collaborative mode". Once the audit and integration report is complete, a PDF can be automatically configured and shared with the client for validation. Even better, clients who wish to do so can have read access to the platform to benefit from all the interactive features.

A specific view for integrators is also available, allowing them to access only information relating to the installation of passive and active equipment. With a level of detail never seen before, such as the precision of the installation material (beam-metal, beam-concrete, ceiling-concrete, false ceiling, wall partition, etc.) or the type of installation (screwed support, rail + wire, clamp-beam, bent mast, etc.).



AUDIN will permanently establish Wifirst in a position of unequalled performance and quality, which fully justifies the investment made.