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Challenges for hospital staff

Digitalising the hospital means improving the level of service by facilitating and securing the transmission of data between healthcare professionals and freeing up time to focus on what is essential: the care of patients.

The challenges are technical but also human: training is essential so that the teams can grasps these innovations. This support is the same as in any other sector, with a stronger requirement linked to the security of personal data. 

Digitalisation des environnements hospitaliers
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Challenges for your patients

The aim is to improve the patient experience without putting the Hospital Information System at risk. Being hospitalised without internet access is often experienced as a double burden, but when it is available patients express their gratitude.

Apart from the regular internet access through patients' devices, other connected services such as TV & Chromecast and Room Control systems can ease the hospital stay.

Budgetary and strategic challenges

Digital transformation must help reconcile quality of care and economic efficiency. In order to help healthcare professionals face these contradictory priorities, Wifirst offers the secure sharing of telecom infrastructures. Security is ensured by the local isolation of patients networks and medical networks in virtual networks (VLAN), while quality and economic efficiency is reached via the mutualisation of the hardware infrastructure.

Establishments thus only pay for one Telecom deployment instead of two, three or more:



Much more than WiFi!

Wifirst also offers a catalogue of connected services on its network infrastructure to improve the reception of your patients and boost the operational efficiency of your teams.

Affichage dynamique Wifirst

Digital signage

With Wifirst, manage your display screens from a simple web interface, create dynamic content and determine their distribution according to a defined program.

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IPTV Projects

Wifirst manages the entire chain of a TV project: on-site audit, delivery, installation on wall brackets and configuration of Smart TV, management of the channel plan, installation of the TV station head, etc.

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LAN Managé Convergé Wifirst

LAN as a Service

Wifirst supports your entire LAN project by deploying all the switch infrastructure corresponding to your business needs.

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