Why does your network last longer with Wifirst?

Like all technologies, WiFi evolves rapidly. Thus, the latest standard in practice today will certainly not be the most efficient in 5 years time. Choosing WiFi as a Service from Wifirst means battling against this planned obsolescence. Let's find out why!


The "as a service" approach or the secret of a happy marriage

As a WaaS (WiFi as a Service) provider, we do not sell hardware but we offer a turnkey service with quality, availability and scalability commitments over time. The fact that Wifirst is not paid "per AP installed" protects customers. Our one and only interest lies in the quality of service over time.

In this sense, we do not push our customers to order new equipment but allow them to benefit from innovations developed over time. Update of bandwidth management algorithms, evolution of the customer extranet, new after-sales service channels and new support languages, improved versions of our monitoring and network topology tools, etc.

In other words, as long as the equipment does not lead to a functional limitation, we do our best to make it last. This approach allows us to offer a high-performance and sustainable multi-service WiFi in line with the challenges and the budget of our customers.



To guarantee a long lasting network, you have to take care of it

Illustration-chiffres-clé-réseau-durable-1.5Meuros-UKThe key to our solution lies in the advice we provide to our customers (helping them plan a decade ahead) and in the ultra-precise design of the network.

Indeed, it is the quality of the initial WiFi deployment that will determine the success of a project and customer satisfaction in the long term. It starts with a coverage audit.

The WiFi expert studies the propagation of WiFi waves by following a precise and complete proprietary audit methodology. Once the network is deployed, technological innovation is used to make it last.

We have embedded modules based on artificial intelligence in all our supervision tools to anticipate and correct malfunctions. It is this model that truly allows us to optimise the performance of your network over the long term.



Choosing a sustainable network also means supporting the energy transition


Wifirst, thanks to its capacity for innovation, develops solutions with a controlled carbon impact. By pooling network infrastructures, we allow our customers to save on deployment and maintenance, but also on energy consumption. Indeed, beyond the intrinsic benefits of a professional collective system, WiFi as a Service has the merit of reducing the energy cost of the network.

In the residential sector, for example, Wifirst regularly replaces competing systems that operate like consumer solutions: 1 individual AP per unit, with no centralised management of the system. With the recent increase in electricity cost, we estimate that the additional energy cost of a solution with individual AP's is £1.86 (excluding tax) per month per unit compared to a shared managed solution. Another reason to choose Wifirst!


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