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Why are the Wifirst teams able to guarantee you a higher quality of service than that offered by your current supplier?

  1. Because Wifirst has the most significant experience when it comes to WiFi in complex environments.
  2. Because Wifirst invests massively in QoS and audit, deployment and operation tools.
  3. Because the "as a service" model created by Wifirst is a virtuous model.
  4. Because customers say so.

Specialist in professional WiFi for more than 20 years, Wifirst stands out from competing operators by its unrivalled know-how and by the quality of service of the solutions offered to companies in various industries : hotels, student residences, retail, campsites, offices, etc.


1. Because Wifirst has the most significant experience with WiFi in complex environments

Wifirst was the first B2B operator to embark on mastering WiFi technology and has constantly capitalised on its experience to develop and improve its know-how, tools and expertise.

No other operator has been confronted with so many complex technical and operational situations, and Wifirst has always been able to satisfy all the companies that have placed their trust in it.

The challenge of quality during peak hours

We equip over 300 000 rooms across European students residences. We know what a busy network means at peak times and have developed technologies to provide the best quality of service at all times.

WiFi in French student residences →

The challenge of complex environments

Ensuring proper transmission of WiFi waves within logistics warehouses, avoiding interference in very large shops or providing a WiFi service to our soldiers overseas... These are just some of the highly complex challenges that make our teams proud.

The Elvetham : historic site

The challenge of a WiFi service that has become critical

The accelerating digitalisation of businesses has revealed the vital nature of connectivity. Intermarché, Editis, Havas, Theodo, the Barrière Group, coworking sites... they all asked Wifirst to manage a WiFi with very high availability.

WiFi in coworking offices →

The challenge of managing large scale projects

Wifirst has the financial, human and organisational capacities to carry out large-scale contracts in Europe (such as deploying hundreds of points of sale each month).

Deployment of 650 Norauto car centers→

2. Because Wifirst invests in QoS and audit, deployment and operation tools

Wifirst recently invested €1.5M in the creation and development of its new web & mobile audit and integration platform. This collaborative platform is called AUDIN and will revolutionise the way our auditors, our delivery project managers and all the integrators who work on our projects work. The result will be time savings at every level and an unprecedented level of quality thanks to the modelling, control and management system built into the platform.

Dedicated proprietary tools are also available for proactive supervision and quality of service management. Our technicians, engineers and network administrators have access to innovative applications to enable them to carry out their work in the best possible conditions, to the complete satisfaction of our end customers.

3. Because the “as a service” model created by Wifirst is a virtuous model

Since its creation in 2002, Wifirst has offered a “WiFi as a Service” solution to all companies and public organisations. WiFi as a Service is both an economic model and an innovative approach:

  • an economic model: Wifirst invests in the deployment and operates the service. The customer pays Wifirst a fixed monthly subscription.
  • an innovative approach: Wifirst assumes full responsibility for the project and makes strong commitments to the quality of service.

Here are 5 reasons why companies and public organisations are seduced by this model.

  1. It is a virtuous model, based on an obligation to deliver result.
  2. Customers control and optimise their costs.
  3. Wifirst takes responsibility for the end-to-end service.
  4. The service model is conducive to network sustainability.
  5. IT departments can focus on their business challenges.



4. Because customers say so.

We are constantly looking for tangible, neutral evidence to validate our model and the relevance of our connectivity solutions. In the Hospitality segment, Booking is proving to be an excellent indicator of WiFi satisfaction. We have created an index of WiFi Booking scores for French hotels, and are pleased to note that the average score for hotels equipped by Wifirst is systematically better than that for hotels equipped by other suppliers.


Out of 4,485 hotels (2, 3, 4 and 5 stars with more than 30 rooms) analysed, the average score for properties equipped by Wifirst is 8.22/10, compared to the 7.82 from "competitor" hotels. Thats a 0.4 point difference, a quite significant difference that has an indirect impact on the business turnover.

Our customers' testimonials are also proof that they recognise the technical superiority of our solutions. In their eyes, there is a before and an after to Wifirst.

“The challenge was to find a business partner who would help us find an economically viable, reliable and scalable solution to adapt to the new uses of today and tomorrow. We had a dual need for connectivity and it is very important both that our customers are fully satisfied with our services and to be able to simplify the daily lives of our employees by giving them access to the best technologies on the market”

Emmanuelle Anglade
Executive Vice President Marketing, Sales and Technology groupe Barrière

“By working with Wifirst we have been able to achieve levels of WiFi reliability and coverage that promote operational excellence within our warehouses. Being able to count on the expertise of a specialist is essential: our teams can concentrate on the constant search for optimisation mechanisms for the needs of our customers because we know that the WiFi in our warehouses is reliable in all circumstances. 
el fathi

Khalid El Fathi
IT Manager, Groupe BBL

“As part of our strong growth, we had to find solutions both to make the WiFi experience excellent and to greatly increase our network security. To succeed in these two challenges, we needed an expert capable of understanding us and of proposing creative solutions. Wifirst successfully took up the challenge.”
Fabrice Bernhard

Cofounder & Group CTO, Theodo

"On this large-scale project, our need was clear: to benefit from a solid infrastructure, capable of absorbing the needs of our holidaymakers and our teams. As a true partner, Wifirst accompanied us from the project phase, a decisive phase for this village spread over 24 hectares"
Yoann Spadavecchia

Yoann Spadavecchia
IT Director, Club Med

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