WiFi as a Service solutions for senior living

Multipurpose WiFi services for senior living and care homes

Connectivity made simple

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Connecting senior living communities

Wireless internet access is at the heart of senior living:  

  • Wifirst provides tailored-made networks built to make WiFi connectivity easy to use throughout the residence.
  • We deliver reliable and secure WiFi to support resident and staff devices, along with any IoT solutions too. 
  • Over 80% of seniors in the UK use the internet for a variety of reasons, such as staying connected with loved ones through video calling. In addition to our WiFi networks, Wifirst also provides fast Fibre connectivity to make this possible all under one roof.

All-inclusive services for independent and assisted living

Wifirst simplifies the entire solution for you, from installation to ongoing maintenance, we provide a fully managed service in senior living facilities:

  • Project management and installation of your new network infrastructure
  • Fast Fibre internet included
  • Branded captive portal
  • Security and legal protection
  • 24/7 Technical Support


Internet Service Provider for senior housing
Multiservice WiFi network

A multipurpose WiFi service designed for senior housing and care homes

A deployed Wifirst infrastructure in assisted living facilities can be used for a variety of services:

  • Residential: The very best easy to use high-speed internet access for your residents. Video calling, streaming movies, and the latest TV shows or radio programs on demand are just a click away.
  • Guests: Intuitive WiFi access for friends and family.
  • Staff: Enabling employee access to a secure and stable network. 
  • Internet of Things (IoT): Connect any managed objects such as IPTV, Chromecast, CCTV or room access control.

Simple, branded Internet access

  • A customisable branded login page (captive portal) using your logos and pictures to provide an experience in line with your brand standards.
  • The captive portal provides a seamless experience across all devices dynamically, whether computer, tablet or phone.
  • Easy to use login, with a choice of GDPR compliant access methods to meet your needs.
Branded captive portal

Our WiFi works just like at home

Wifirst provides residents with their own private network to replicate a connection experience just like at home. All of their devices (smartphones, computers, games consoles, smart TVs, Chromecast, printers, connected watches, connected speakers, etc.) can seamlessly connect to a private WiFi network and communicate with each other.

Wifirst calls this feature the Room Area Network and developed it to be accessible throughout the entire building, so your residents will always remain connected no matter where they are in the building.


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We supply services to several key players within the senior housing/assisted living/care homes market. See case studies >

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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding WiFi and Fibre services for senior living communities.

I'm unhappy with my current WiFi service provider. How can I be sure that Wifirst will offer a better solution?

Ease of use, reliability and speed are the primary focuses for Wifirst when deploying a solution in senior housing. We ensure that the service provided is carefully checked and proactively maintained, while also making sure that getting connected to the internet is as easy as possible for your residents, allowing them to stay connected to family through high definition video calling effortlessly.

How many personal devices can residents connect?

There is no limit to the number of devices your residents will be able to connect: computers, smartphones, tablets, wireless speakers, the list goes on. Also, our unique “Room Area Network” solution, allows multiple devices such as wireless printers and computers to communicate with each other, thus delivering a “home from home” experience.

Can I reuse the cables already present in my residence?

In most cases, to guarantee an optimal quality of service, our integration team carries out a complete redeployment to certify that all cabling is of the correct standard which will allow your new WiFi service to function correctly.

Will I own the equipment installed in my residence?

So that we can provide you with the most competitive rates possible, Wifirst retains ownership of the hardware installed in your care home or assisted living facility. In addition to great value for money in comparison to buying hardware, it also means that if any of the equipment develops a fault throughout the contract duration, Wifirst will supply a replacement at no additional cost, giving you full financial predictability month to month.

What hardware does Wifirst supply?

Wifirst continuously evaluates hardware from different manufacturers to ensure you are provided with the best wireless solution to suit your needs. Our engineers have very close relationships with prestigious suppliers such as Ruckus, Cisco Meraki, Aruba, Extreme Networks/Aerohive, Dell and Huawei.

What happens if there is a problem with the WiFi?

The network is monitored continuously by our proactive support team who will intervene remotely or on-site as required if an issue is detected. Residents can contact our customer care team to receive support 24/7 by phone, email or online chat.

Site Managers also have access to our online support portal, which in addition to providing the ability to report any faults, also shows live information on the status of all equipment.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch: