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Converged WiFi and IoT networks for retail

We place our expertise in managed infrastructures, our professional support and our industrial deployment capacity
at the service of your point of sale network.

Wireless connectivity at the service of your business and business challenges

  1. Facilitate the work of sales teams: Allow mobility of staff to improve customer support in all sales areas and promote the development of sales expertise.
  2. Enrich the customer experience: Guarantee a homogeneous experience in all stores, offer WiFi services to improve the search of items, access the mobile application, and promote click & collect.
  3. Benefit from a network that really works, everywhere, all the time: Under no circumstances should store teams be confused or frustrated by network malfunctions or coverage issues.
  4. Control costs: Digitisation projects represent a significant financial investment, which is why controlling the costs of deploying and operating IT networks is essential.
Several services for retail stores around a single wireless infrastructure

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Deployment savings with a multi-service wireless infrastructure

Managing multiple wireless network infrastructures can be complex and expensive. However, this requirement is becoming more and more common in retail stores and supermarkets with the omnipresence of WiFi, the need for bluetooth and the progressive growth of IoT.

To respond to this problem, Wifirst uses converged infrastructures, making it possible to unify the different types of wireless networks (WiFi, IoT & BLE) around the same infrastructure. The multi-service aspect has always been at the heart of Wifirst's offer. This pooling of the infrastructure allows for greatly facilitated management, as well as a rationalisation of costs on equipment and deployment.

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Converged retail WiFi and IoT infrastructures
WiFi architecture in complex environments such as large stores or warehouses

Unique expertise in WiFi management in complex environments

High ceiling height, large surface area to cover, high density of users ... points of sale, particularly in mass distribution, generally have relatively complex environments requiring greater technological expertise, coupled with extensive experience in the field, to ensure perfect management of the WiFi network.

Wifirst, with its team of WiFi auditors, its application developed in-house and its unique methodology, offers the highest level of expertise on the market. Our teams analyse feedback from several thousand sites deployed and operated to develop best practices adapted to each technical constraint.

A 100% integrated service: audit, deployment, operation, support ...

Specialist in "Network as a Service" , Wifirst heightens all the links in the production chain to guarantee the best level of quality and thus meet the expectations of our customers. We are convinced that each step of the service influences the quality of the next, requiring a collaboration from the different teams involved around the same objective: to meet the quality requirements of our Wifirst standards.

Our engineering teams will create the network architecture adapted to the client's needs, with the support of our auditors, who will confirm on-site that the architecture precisely meets the specifications.

Our deployment team takes over with a dedicated project manager for each site to be equipped. They will be in charge of monitoring the project from the audit phase to commissioning, guaranteeing a personalised relationship with the client.

Throughout the contract, our support and maintenance teams work hand-in-hand to ensure optimal operation of the service, resolve potential technical incidents and meet contractually defined performance indicators.

Déploiement WiFi sur un réseau de points de vente

Seamless project management and industrial production capacity

Wifirst, thanks to its tried-and-tested organisation and its industrial production capacity, is able to carry out very large-scale projects, such as the deployment of 3,000 post offices in less than 18 months. This asset becomes even more valuable when it comes to replacing existing infrastructures because it ensures a smooth transition between old and new installations but also, limits the migration time.

In addition, we offer our clients unique web project management tools that allow them to have real-time information on the overall deployment schedule, the progress of each site, incident monitoring and history. Entrusting Wifirst with your large-scale WiFi project is the assurance of timely delivery and of compliance with all the commitments made.

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A platform compatible with the main IT equipment manufacturers

Wifirst works closely with the largest manufacturers (Ruckus, Extreme Network, Cisco, Aruba, Huawei and Cambium) and is able to offer you the most relevant and competitive technological solutions for your needs.

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