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Tailor-made WiFi coverage for your warehouse 

High ceilings, large surface areas, airtight materials, obstacles... Warehouses and factories generally present very complex environments (in terms of WiFi bandwidth transmission) requiring proven technological expertise coupled with extensive field experience to ensure perfect WiFi network management.

Therefore, the on-site radio coverage survey is an unavoidable step to audit the environment in real conditions, define the location of the WiFi AP's, and design the architectural basis of the network.

Wifirst, with its team of WiFi auditors, its internally developed application, and its unique methodology, offers the highest level of expertise in the market. Our teams rely on the experience of several thousand deployed and operated sites to develop best practices, adapted to each technical constraint. The intelligence linked to the radio coverage survey is at the heart of Wifirst's offer and constitutes a real differentiation.


A WiFi network adapted to the new standards of logistics and connected industries

In recent years, industrial sites have undergone an intense digital transformation. Their activity has become inseparable from wireless connectivity, which is an incredible productivity driver for employees.

A reliable and high-performance WiFi network is essential for the functioning of business terminals (handhelds, tablets, etc.) to be able to communicate with software such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). These tools are now at the heart of industrial and logistics activities, enabling the management of orders, shipments, stock management and much more.

The wireless infrastructure can also be used as a gateway to remotely control machines, such as overhead cranes, which are widely used in the industrial environment.

The keys for a successful WiFi project

A converged infrastructure for your WiFi, Bluetooth and IoT functions

After the adoption of WiFi and Bluetooth in warehouses and factories for mobile working, it is now the turn of industrial IoT technologies to take off for:

  • monitoring of various environmental factors (temperature, humidity, presence, etc.)
  • process automation
  • predictive maintenance
  • resource and stock management

Wifirst deploys converged wireless infrastructures allowing WiFi and IoT functions to be grouped around the same hardware, thus generating significant savings in deployment and maintenance.


A critical need for network reliability and availability

Faced with the criticality of WiFi in warehouses and industry, Wifirst relies on technical and human resources, as well as industrialised maintenance processes, to ensure the best quality of service on the market.

In order to establish a real relationship of trust, we make contractual commitments to our clients, in particular with regard to :

  • the area effectively covered by the network (100%)
  • annual service availability (from 99.5%)
  • guaranteed recovery time in the event of a blocking incident (from 8 working hours)

Wifirst is the assurance of a functioning network and consequently, of an optimal output of your industrial activity. 


Our clients

Many players in the transport, logistics and industrial sectors use our WiFi as a Service solution to deal with the challenges of wireless networks on their production sites. See all our case studies ›


Frequently asked questions

Find the answers to the questions most frequently asked by our customers and prospects about our WiFi solutions for logistics and warehouses.

My current WiFi provider is not satisfactory. How can I be sure that Wifirst will offer a better solution?

Wifirst has been THE specialist in managed WiFi for professionals since 2002. Our specialisation in WiFi technology guarantees unrivalled expertise in the market. We also capitalise on the deployment and operation of several hundred thousand access points to ensure the best quality WiFi service for our corporate customers. Ensuring maximum availability of service is an obligation to ensure productivity within companies. This is all the more true for WiFi networks deployed in logistics and industrial operations.

What material does Wifirst work with?

Wifirst constantly evaluates the solutions of different manufacturers for WiFi terminals, routers, switches... Our engineers have very close relationships with prestigious suppliers such as Ruckus, Cisco Meraki or Extreme Networks. We select the most suitable equipment to equip your warehouse with professional WiFi and offer the best user experience to your employees.

Do I own the equipment installed in my warehouse?

No. In order to offer the best network installation costs, Wifirst offers to provide WiFi equipment for your warehouse. The rapid evolution of new technologies means that there is no real interest in investing yourself. The network equipment remains the property of Wifirst, which will maintain it throughout the duration of the contract.

Can you reuse the cables already on the company's premises?

In most cases, in order to guarantee an optimal quality of service, the integration teams carry out a complete redeployment and certify all the cabling necessary for the proper functioning of the WiFi system.

How and how quickly is the WiFi network deployed on an industrial or logistics site?

As for each of our WiFi installations, before any intervention by our teams, an audit is carried out in order to establish specifications. Once validated, our technicians proceed with the cabling phase, which they carry out either in parallel with the company's activity or at night so as not to disturb users. They use aerial platforms to be able to work at height for the connection between the computer cabinets and the access points. All our technicians are Caces holders and are qualified to work on electrical installations. The installation time depends strongly on the type of site and the complexity of the deployment.

Can I share the warehouse WiFi network for multiple uses?

Of course! Wifirst's philosophy is to offer multi-service networks that will support your logistic and industrial activities. We create SSIDs and VLANs partitioned from each other for your different uses. Now, with the rise of converged networks, we deploy equipment capable of hosting both WiFi and IoT uses.

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