WiFi Fibre solutions for Outdoor hospitality

WiFi & Fibre solutions for Outdoor Hospitality

An uncompromising quality of service to meet the major connectivity challenges
of Holiday Parks, Caravan Parks and Campsites.

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The explosion of video streaming has changed the name of the game

The goal of many campsites and outdoor venues is to provide guests with a means to escape busy schedules and explore the great outdoors! But, today's holidaymakers want to remain connected, whether to catch up on work or stream a movie in the evening. There has been a huge shift in usage and expectations of outdoor WiFi being available over the past decade. 

For around 20 years, Wifirst has been a leading supplier of business WiFi and Fibre to a variety of venues across Europe with expansive outdoor areas. We embrace the challenges of providing services to the world of outdoor hospitality and would be excited to assist you with your project.

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Backbone Wifirst

A one-stop-shop for WiFi & Fibre in your campsite

A Fibre Leased Line is essential for providing internet to high capacity campsites. As a provider of WiFi and as an Internet Service Provider (ISP), Wifirst is a single point of contact for providing both services, avoiding all of the problems that may occur from having multiple vendors involved. 

Wifirst is the only outdoor hospitality WiFi operator that is also an ISP, with direct links to the primary content providers, such as Netflix and YouTube, to provide optimised internet performance. 

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Truly bespoke outdoor WiFi solutions

No two campsites are the same: the capacity, the layout, the location and any external conditions, such as typical weather conditions for the region, must be a consideration while correctly planning a WiFi deployment. Therefore, a systematic and thorough on-site audit takes place to make sure your campsite receives full and robust coverage. 

Wifirst is passionate about WiFi and would recommend deploying a fibre backbone network to guarantee the very best user experience for your campsite. 

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Camping WiFi solutions

Enabling multiple services within your caravan/holiday park

A reliable and fast WiFi service has become a key decision factor for potential guests when choosing where to stay. Many travel sites such as Booking.com now offer insights into the WiFi service at your venue, which could ultimately impact your revenue if the service provided isn't meeting your guests' needs. Wifirst's core business is to provide robust, fast WiFi and Fibre services to outdoor hospitality venues that your guests will love, and connectivity solutions to ensure your staff and IoT devices are seamlessly integrated.  

  • For your business requirements, Wifirst can configure a dedicated, secure and private hidden network to allow your staff to safely connect devices and remain hidden from guest traffic. 
  • We can help with the integration of any additional wireless services using WiFi technology, such as Smart TV's, broadband, connected locks, CCTV, Chromecast, etc. 
  • Does your venue cater for corporate clients? Wifirst also has a range of technical solutions to help you meet the needs of larger groups, such as dedicated bandwidth or private network facilities.

Paid WiFi or free WiFi?

Rewind to 2011 and you would find that most campsites offered WiFi services which were limited to just the bar, restaurant and lobby areas, and often paid services. More recently, we have seen a new trend in the outdoor hospitality market. It's no longer good enough to have WiFi in a select few areas as guests expect coverage throughout the premises and their private spaces. Furthermore, they also expect the service to be free of charge.

Paid vs free internet for guests can prove quite a challenge for venues who want to provide the best possible service while also being mindful of their ROI. Wifirst can help by ensuring you find the most cost-effective solution for your business and by providing the WiFi service that your guests need.

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“Offering WiFi to holidaymakers, this is an integral part of the services provided by all campsites, it has become a basic necessity on the same level as electricity.”

Jean-Emmanuel Dumont
Owner of Camping Saint Louis

“At Yelloh! Village, customer satisfaction is at the heart of our approach, which is why we have selected Wifirst who shares the same drive for quality. As proof, a WiFi service satisfaction survey conducted across the outdoor hospitality network ranks the campsites already equipped by Wifirst at the top.”

Etienne Page
Director of Yelloh! Village

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding WiFi and Fibre services for campsites, caravan parks and holiday resorts.

How would I know if my campsite can receive Fibre?

Please get in touch. By using your postcode or GPS coordinates, we can quickly determine how easy it would be to set you up with Fibre connectivity in your campsite.

I'm unhappy with my current WiFi service provider. How can I be sure that Wifirst will offer a better solution?

Customer satisfaction ratings are a priority for Wifirst. As we offer WiFi as a Service, it is vitally important to us that our customers are happy with the service we provided. With this in mind, we ensure that every aspect of the service that could impact guest satisfaction is carefully analysed and adjusted as necessary until we are confident that the service provided is of the very highest standard.

How much work will be involved to get my venue up and running?

Every project is different, especially in the camping and caravanning industry; however, during the planning phase, we will work closely with you to agree upon the best way to deliver your new service while ensuring minimal disruption. You will also receive a dedicated Wifirst project manager who will handle all aspects of your installation and keep you fully informed of the project from start to finish.

Can I use the Wifirst network for my other business needs, such as a back-office WiFi, VOIP phones or security cameras?

Yes. Our system is capable of managing multiple networks in parallel on the same physical infrastructure: Guest WiFi, Staff WiFi, VOIP for example. All Wifirst networks are IoT ready, and our team are happy to help design a network with all of your technical requirements in mind.

What happens if there is a problem with the WiFi in the campsite?

The network is monitored continuously by our proactive support team who will intervene remotely or on-site as required if an issue is detected. Your guests can contact our customer care team to receive support 24/7 by phone, email or online chat.

Resort staff also have access to our online support portal, which in addition to providing the ability to report any faults, also shows live information on the status of all equipment. 

Is the WiFi service easy to use for foreign guests?

Connecting to the WiFi is very intuitive, and available in a variety of languages such as French, English, German, Spanish, Dutch and Chinese. The WiFi service captive portal automatically matches the native language of the connecting device. There are several authentication methods to chose from which will be discussed with you to make sure we have the right method setup to meet your guests needs.

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