Core network

A proprietary backbone for total control of flows

Wifirst created its own core network in 2011, giving end-to-end control over all its clients’ internet traffic, and enabling it to guarantee high quality of service through peering agreements with most of the content providers (Google, Facebook, Netflix, Akamai, etc.)

Security and redundancy

Fully owned and redundant core network over multiple point-of-presence (POP).

Premium QoS

Wifirst proactively monitors the internet traffic, the usage level, and is able to make the necessary adjustments to optimise the quality of service.

Multi-operator collection

Wifirst holds several network partnerships and collects agreements with local telecom Operators.

Wifirst Backbone 2020

Peering vs. Transit

Wifirst has setup peering agreements (direct connection) with the most important web providers and Content Delivery Networks representing 90% of internet traffic across all verticals.  Peering offer lower latency and ultimately improved user experience.