IPTV solutions for hotels and residences

With our IPTV Hospitality solution, your guests are welcomed into their room with a personalised, interactive and intuitive interface. Bring your televisions to life, offer new services, and improve the overall guest experience.

We developed an interface designed for your guests: a simple experience without the extra services that add no real value to guests. Instead, we introduce a strong focus on what we believe today's guest wants from a hotel TV. How to connect to the WiFi, how to cast any streaming content using, and a single button to simply just watch TV.

Interactive Interface

Interactive home screen: browse to select sources, services or chose from a variety of different languages. 

Personalised info

Personalised welcome greeting thanks to a connection to the PMS: guest name, setting a native language, etc. All automatically set-up during check-in.


Multi-lingual IPTV portal management. Ask us about the languages available.

Room Directory

Save paper and include your room directory within the IPTV solution.

Airtime VoD

Thanks to our partnership with Airtime, your guests have access to a catalogue of the latest Hollywood blockbusters and library of classic favourites.

Chromecast compatible

Your guest experience will be significantly improved when combining our IPTV solution with Google Chromecast, enabling your guests to stream their own content.

WiFi operating instructions

With a simple QR Code, guests can connect to the secure Room Area Network WiFi in their room and connect their devices just like at home.

Smart channel plan

Automatic configuration of different channel services according to the guest’s native language.

TV management

From the Wifirst Centre, you can review the status of your entire TV fleet and easily make changes where needed.

Wifirst can help to make your IPTV upgrade effortless by managing the entire project from on-site audit, hardware delivery, installation of Smart TVs, setup of the interactive IPTV portal, Chromecast connectivity, channel plan management, to the installation of the TV and much much more.

From start to finish, Wifirst will project manage, install, configure and support your TV upgrade to ensure a class-leading service is provided throughout all aspects of the service:

  • TV channel reception
  • Channel management and distribution on an IP or coaxial network
  • TV installation and wall mounting
  • Interactive IPTV portal
  • Private WiFi (Room Area Network)
  • Chromecast

Professional support for your hospitality TV solution

Aerials and satellite dishes

Our team can handle the installation of any aerials and satellite dishes along with necessary cabling and amplifiers to ensure you have good reception of your desired channels, whether digital, terrestrial, foreign, or pay-TV - such as Sky.

Configuration of the TV headend

From the distribution of IP and coaxial cabling to the setup of hardware needed to receive your channels, Wifirst will configure all necessary components of the headend within your IT room to deliver your new hospitality IPTV service.

Installation and set up

The partnership between Wifirst and Airwave Europe means you are in safe hands. With decades of experience between us, we are more than capable of delivering a full suite of installation services no matter the size of your project.

Our partners in hospitality TV solutions

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