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SD-WAN, or "software defined wide area network", is a technology for managing data traffic in companies, making it possible to optimise the use of available lines (fibre, ADSL, 4G, etc.) according to usage. We really see SD-WAN as a growth tool for companies.

A multi-site, multi-technology, multi-operator network

SD-WAN is the key to bringing together all the sites and all the diverse technologies that connect them. This solution selects in real time the most suitable channel for each flow, depending on the quality of each WAN link and the needs of each user.

As a result, all enterprise applications work seamlessly across all sites, including remote sites that can intelligently adjust the flows between them. The result is a unified and consistent network that maximises productivity and efficiency.


SD-WAN as a Service

SD-WAN is the key to the flexibility and agility of your enterprise network. Wifirst helps its customers define their needs, implement and maintain in operational condition efficient SD-WAN solutions adapted to those needs.


The solution includes hardware and software licences tailored to the needs of the customers. Today we rely on our partners Fortinet and Cisco Meraki, world leaders in the sector.

Project management

The qualification of the requirements and the engineering advice phase are decisive for the selection, installation and configuration of the equipment. Wifirst takes care of the projects from A to Z.

Managed Services

We work with you to determine the level of management carried by Wifirst and your teams, to be as close as possible to your needs and your requirements for configuration and autonomy.

SD-WAN features

  • Automated path intelligence: Application identification enables prioritisation of application routing over network bandwidth based on application, user and available links.
  • Automatic failover: Multiple path technology can automatically failover a flow to the best available link when the primary WAN path degrades.
  • Real-time link testing: The routing of flows is not managed according to fixed rules per link but according to the qualities of the link in real time. Saturation or increased latency on a link over a limited period of time is thus taken into account, for optimal quality at all times.
  • Centralised management and customised settings: A single interface makes it possible to supervise and monitor all the equipment and sites, with fine-tuned rights management to adapt to all organisations and customise the settings according to your needs.
  • Easy deployments: Thanks to the expertise of Wifirst teams and the scalability of the solution, deployments can be optimised and automated to minimise the impact of the migration to our SD-WAN solution.

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