Our technology

A technical expertise recognized by our customers

The technical expertise is part Wifirst's DNA since its inception. We realized early on that the quality of the connection experience was going to be the crucial to our development. Our technical teams have therefore invested time and effort over the years to offer innovative technologies and tailored services to exceed today’s connectivity usage.

WiFi expertise

Wifirst's success is based on its deep knowledge of WiFi technology and focus on making WiFi R&D a top priority. To that extent resources are devoted to the study of evolving WiFi standards, hardware evaluation and testing, development of proprietary applications to support WiFi audit or centralized management tools.

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WiFi survey on site

Core network

Wifirst created its own core network in 2011, giving end-to-end control over all its clients’ internet traffic, and enabling it to guarantee high quality of service through peering agreements with most of the content providers (Google, Facebook, Netflix, Akamai, etc.).

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Wifirst core network

Wifirst Box

The Wifirst Box was developed by Wifirst, a device deployed at each site that guarantees the highest quality of service, to meet the very specific needs of shared internet access with high number of users and high usage. The Wifirst Box is constantly evolving and assure a scalable service at time when internet usage is drastically changing.

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Wifirst box

Proprietary applications

Wifirst's success is also based on the development of proprietary set of high –performance tools and applications to support our operational team everyday needs.

Developed entirely in-house, tailored to the management and support of all our projects through their entire lifecycle. Thus allowing our technicians and engineers to effectively support our customers, giving them the means to fulfil their missions and meet their commitments.

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WiFi in-house tools