Core network

A proprietary backbone network guaranteeing complete peace of mind

Wifirst created its core network in 2011, giving end-to-end management of all client internet traffic. In combination with peering agreements for most of the leading content providers, such as Google, Facebook, Netflix, YouTube etc., Wifirst can provide a guaranteed high quality service.

Security and redundancy

Our own core network has multiple points-of-presence (POP), providing a high level of security and full redundancy in the event of any problems occurring, meaning our customers see minimal disruption, if any at all.

Premium QoS

Wifirst proactively monitors internet traffic and usage levels, making adjustments where needed to optimise the quality of service, continually.

Your one-stop-shop

As a provider of premium WiFi and as an Internet Service Provider, partnering with Wifirst means that you don't have to manage multiple vendor relationships, which can be especially tricky if things go wrong with either service. Why get caught in the middle? Let Wifirst help manage the full WiFi and Data Line service to ensure you receive the full benefit of our Core network.


The Wifirst backbone network is connected using multiple points of presence across Europe to provide enhanced security and redundancy.

What is peering?

A peering agreement is a direct connection into a content provider, such as Netflix, to provide a faster connection than would typically be received when using the internet. Wifirst has direct connections with leading content providers, representing 90% of all internet traffic, which means our customers receive a lower latency and ultimately, a faster internet experience.