Proprietary applications

Wifirst's success is also based on the development of proprietary set of high –performance tools and applications to support our operational team everyday needs. 

Developed entirely in-house, tailored to the management and support of all our projects through their entire lifecycle. Thus allowing our technicians and engineers to effectively support our customers, giving them the means to fulfil their missions and meet their commitments.


Our in-house WiFi survey mobile application allows our audit experts to perform advanced technical site survey and produce comprehensive quality audit reports.

Real time monitoring

LiveMaps is our powerful interactive map application, seamlessly integrated with our central management tools, allowing real-time supervision of your network, assessment of usage statistics, access to Wifirst support and more. Have full visibility of your site using dynamic floor plan diagrams to see the location and status of each network device in real time.

Technical Support

Our support team benefit from state of the art customer support tools allowing them to quickly identify and locate any faulty equipment or service issue.

Installation and commissioning

Our project management tools allow our project team to efficiently manage, follow-up and communicate with our customers and partners, providing them the required information at each stages of any project.