Center Parcs Bois aux Daims cottage

Case Study - Center Parcs

Center Parcs, overview

Domaine Le Bois aux Daims, located in the region of the Loire vineyards, is nestled right in the heart of nature. This Center Parcs village offers its guests a fantastic tropical indoor aqua-dome, an immersive experience into the animal world with onsite farm and free-roaming wild deer, a luxurious spa and modern cottages, all spread over a 260-hectare village resort.


The Deployment

Wifirst commissioned Center Parcs Le Bois aux Daims in June 2015. The site is connected to a Wifirst Fibre Leased Line service, making sure that extremely fast internet access is readily available throughout the village. Furthermore, Wifirst provided each bungalow with a dedicated secure WiFi network connected through the sites existing GPON infrastructure. Today, over 800 Wireless Access Points are fully managed for Center Parcs by Wifirst.

The WiFi Service

Center Parcs wanted a tiered offering for their guests, enabling a basic level of free internet to be available in public areas, while also offering a premium subscription service for guests staying in the cottages. The Wifirst administration portal (the Wifirst Center) provides Center Parcs with an easy and instant way to administer internet access and provide login codes to guests as and when needed.

The Result

Working closely with Center Parcs, Wifirst were able to identify requirements and deploy a robust, secure and fast WiFi solution, built to withstand high network demands. Consequently, Wifirst frequently records over a thousand devices using the WiFi network simultaneously. As with all Wifirst clients, the village is proactively monitored to make sure guests are always able to access the internet without disruption, and keeping the service running at optimum levels 24/7.

Center Parcs Bois aux Daims swimming pool
“Connecting more than 800 WiFi access points in a very short time was a big challenge for Center Parcs. We are very pleased with the way the project has been taken care of by Wifirst."

François Sotom
Tourism BU Manager, Wifirst