Inside a student room in a Kley residence

Case study - Kley

Kley, overview

Established in 2014, Kley is a student accommodation provider who has enhanced the student housing market. Providing more than just a place to sleep, students will find Kley is a place to call home while during their studies. Kley is revolutionising the market with innovative concepts to promote positive mindsets and optimal performance for it's residents. 

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The Partnership

Kley wanted to make sure their students had the very best internet experience and therefore selected Wifirst to provide them with a fully managed WiFi service. Wifirst is extremely proud to be supporting Kley in 6 residences, Saclay, Rennes, Marseille, Caen, Angers and Toulouse.

The Solution

As a leading player in the student housing market, Wifirst understands the importance of having fast, reliable internet access for students. A total of 2,368 rooms across 6 properties were connected to Wifirst WiFi and Fibre Leased Line services with fantastic results. In addition to our standard WiFi services, Kley opted to introduce the Wifirst Room Area Network service which has provided their residents with the same familiar internet experience they have at home.

The Results

Across the 6 sites, in September 2018 Wifirst saw 115TB of data downloaded giving an average of 56GB per room in a single month. This demonstrates the importance of selecting a partner capable of delivering to robust, fast and dependable WiFi. Kley also chose to install Wifirst's Room Area Network service to provide students with a true home from home experience, allowing them to connect all their wireless devices onto there very own secure private WiFi Network. 

Welcome space in a Kley residence
“It is a pleasure to work with Kley's teams, very open to new connected services to offer to students. The Room Area Network solution is a great success which is loved by all the students and Kley.”

Etienne Détrie
CMO, Wifirst