Loddon House Student Living


Loddon House Student Living provides students with great value en-suite accommodation in a modern purpose-built block located right by the main Reading University campus. With a single rent covering all bills, extensive on-site facilities and friendly and efficient staff on hand during office hours to assist students with any queries or problems, Loddon House aims to make student accommodation enjoyable and trouble-free


The Challenge

Loddon House had previously invested in a WiFi service and data line for students to use that had over time become outdated. As a result, Loddon House was receiving feedback that the WiFi network was no longer meeting the needs of student residents who wanted a fast, reliable home from home connectivity experience, enabling them to easily connect devices such as WiFi speakers, games consoles and other types of smart devices to their own private WiFi network.

The Solution

By deploying a new 200MB Fibre Leased Line, combined with a Ruckus wireless network and ensuring enhanced connectivity through access point deployment to achieve signal levels of no less than -65dBm in all students rooms, Wifirst has guaranteed all students have excellent, fast wireless connectivity. When combined with our Room Area Network, students also have a true home from home experience enabling all of their devices to be securely connected to their own private WiFi network while maintaining a single SSID throughout the building.

The Result

Wifirst’s Room Area network has provided residents of Loddon House with a simple yet secure WPA2 encrypted personal WiFi network for each student, giving all users a home from home network connectivity experience. Combined with a new wireless network deployment aimed to achieve fantastic coverage, and a dedicated 200MB Fibre Leased Line, students of Loddon House now have a fast, secure and reliable network that meets their connectivity needs, creating a more comfortable living environment from a WiFi standpoint while away from home.

"After talking with Wifirst, we felt comfortable that Loddon House would be in good hands from a WiFi standpoint. The team visited the property to conduct a thorough survey without any disruption to the in-house students and presented a solution that upgraded our WiFi network, giving students a home from home connection experience and faster connectivity. If you are considering upgrading your WiFi, I would highly recommend having a chat with Wifirst.”

Peter Wilson
Director, Loddon House Student Living