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micampus has become an emblem of technological development within Wifirst

micampus overview

With almost 6,000 beds under management and a huge growth plan, micampus is a quality residence that provides its university students with modern accommodation in the best locations. With a presence in 12 Autonomous Communities, micampus is one of the largest student residence companies in Spain. They create a healthy, community environment that aims for the academic, personal and professional success of their residents. micampus supports the advancement of technology, combining technology and sustainability to offer the best experience to its residents.

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The Challenge

micampus wanted to unify the internet service of different types of residence and in parallel, launch new converged networks for both staff and students. micampus also wanted integration with third parties (laundries, door locks, etc...) and for this, it was looking for a partner that would create a unified ecosystem and a flawless network experience

The Solution

Wifirst advised for the installation of dual networks (both wired and wireless) with 5GHz coverage for all sites. They also prepared the network to install Chromecast in all rooms without the need of any additional hardware. To have the best user experience, the Room Area Network solution was also installed in the resident rooms so that students' devices could see each other on the network, easily and securely. In parallel, Wifirst proposed a converged network that would decrease the cost of deploying services such as wireless doors locks, laundry or staff networks. The entire network in micampus is redundant in an attempt to minimise possible incidents. Wifirst also monitors the entire network, including the connectivity fibre lines. In some sites, Wifirst also provides digital signage.

The Results

micampus has become an emblem of technological development within Wifirst, both in its approach to integrate more and more services in a convergent network and, to unify the quality of reporting. There are many parallel projects that Wifirst is working on to increase the quality and implementation of new solutions on the market. WiFi 6 is already a reality in the micampus residences, as well as the Room Area Network (or private WiFi that allows each student to have their own "bubble" of devices), digital signage, convergence with staff networks across the chain itself make the micampus project with Wifirst one of the most interesting on the European technology market today.

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"Excellence in connectivity is now a requirement in the PBSA sector. Wifirst has been able to adapt to the exponential growth and quality standard of micampus. For us, having Wifirst as a technological partner is the best sign of professionalism and a key part of our technological expansion project"

Daniel Moreno

CTO micampus