Norauto auto center

Norauto is going digital with Wifirst's multiservice WiFi

The European leader in automotive maintenance and equipment has chosen our WiFi as a Service solution to standardise the wireless infrastructure of its European network and thus respond to various challenges: strengthening productivity (on the business side) and the link with customers (thanks to an increasingly digital experience).


Multi-service WiFi for a significantly improved employee and customer experience

WiFi is at the heart of the devices used in automotive centers. All equipment (telephones, payment terminals, printers, PDAs, etc.), applications and services are now wirelessly connected to a high availability infrastructure, facilitating mobility within automotive centers and increasing productivity.



Thanks to WiFi, customers have access to in-store display terminals and are guided to find products on the shelves. The customer journey for car maintenance is also done with WiFi: from the tour of the vehicle, to making an appointment, and to repairs in the workshop, always offering more responsiveness and service.




The challenge of redundant coverage for total availability

As WiFi has become absolutely critical for the operation of Norauto centers, we have made sure that the service works absolutely everywhere (in all indoor and outdoor spaces) and that there is systematic redundancy: each area of ​​the establishments is covered by at least two terminals.

We also met the challenge of not disrupting the commercial activity of the centres during the rollouts. Deployment projects are relatively quick, but they do require the use of an aerial platform. This is why we mobilised our teams at unusual times (outside the centres' opening hours).




Rapid and industrial deployment on a European scope

The stakes were high: deploying a fleet of 650 car centres in several European countries in just over a year! At Wifirst, we put together a dedicated team to build the deployment engineering, select our partners in France, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Belgium, define and execute the ambitious deployment schedule, etc.

We are very proud at Wifirst to have successfully completed this project. Despite the health crisis, we have reached peak deployment levels of over 50 Norauto centres per month between May and September 2020!