Domaine des Ormes

Domaine des Ormes overview

Strategically nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes between St Malo and Mont St Michel, Domaine des Ormes thrives within a sprawling 200-hectare verdant park. Managed by the de La Chesnais family for almost 40 years, this renowned destination is dedicated to ensuring its guests a memorable stay. With a diverse selection of accommodation options including châteaux, gîtes, cottages, treehouses, and waterside lodgings, and an extensive range of activities such as a water park, waterskiing, tree climbing, horseback riding, and golf, visitors are guaranteed a fulfilling experience.


The Project  

In response to evolving customer expectations, the management of Les Ormes made a strategic decision in 2014 to enhance connectivity solutions, leading them to partner with Wifirst for the installation of a fibre and WiFi solution.

The Wifirst solution, since its deployment in 2015, provides uninterrupted coverage across the entire estate, enabling Domaine des Ormes to ensure its customers enjoy a steady high-speed internet connection throughout the year, regardless of the season or time of day.



Challenges addressed

    • Deploying fibre in remote areas : 

      Domaine des Ormes sought a robust and reliable solution to meet its customers' needs, so opted for fibre. Collaborating closely, the teams from Les Ormes and Wifirst researched various solutions to access fibre. Consequently, nearly 5 kilometres of fibre were laid overhead and underground across the estate.

    • Ensuring WiFi coverage across 200-hectares :
      From a technical perspective, the Wifirst teams have effectively ensured excellent radio coverage across the expansive 200-hectare estate, considering the specific characteristics of different areas, whether indoor or outdoor, each demanding distinct expertise.
  • Ensuring  24/7/365 service availability :

    Domaine des Ormes remains operational round the clock, accommodating up to 4,000 visitors at the peak of the season. Even during off-peak periods, the Wifirst solution caters to the specific connectivity needs of professional clientele during seminars and corporate events.

  • Adaptable scalability to meet demands :
    To adapt to evolving customer needs, Domaine des Ormes implemented a scalable solution, increasing its capacity from 200 to 500 megawatts during peak seasons based on visitor numbers.
    Wifirst ensures continuous monitoring of all active equipment installed and commits to service availability and fault resolution, made possible by the dedication and efficiency of its technicians.

The Wifirst Deployment at Domaine des Ormes :

  • Complete coverage of all living areas - including the castle, campground, cabins, water dome, golf course, meeting rooms, and reception areas - spread across nearly 200 hectares.
  • Close monitoring of nearly 300 WiFi access points in real-time by Wifirst teams.
  • Installation of over 3 kilometres of fibre optic cable on-site to optimise the WiFi Mesh
  • Establishment of a private network providing dedicated 40 Mb/s bandwidth to teams for seamless remote work.
  • Consistent support from the same Wifirst contacts over the past six years
Review of internet usage in 2019 :
  • 83% of sessions conducted via smartphones
  • Over 50,000 unique devices connected
  • Peak observed with 610 users connected simultaneously
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" Our close relationship with Wifirst's technical and sales teams ensures prompt and personalised service that adapts seamlessly to our evolving requirements. "
Mark O’Marketing - VP Sales & Marketing, Xappp

Yorick P.
IT Manager, Domaine des Ormes