Editis overview

As the second-largest publishing entity in France, The Editis Group consolidates nearly 50 prestigious publishing houses specialising in literature, education, and reference, along with a dedicated structure for book distribution. With a workforce exceeding 2,500 employees, the company publishes 4,000 new titles annually.

Vision : "Publishing is a perpetual invention.”   

Mission : To illuminate culture and education, share the reading experience, disseminate knowledge and skills, and innovate new learning solutions... Building the future!


Project background

In early 2020, Editis moved its headquarters to brand-new premises at 92 avenue de France in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. These new premises now house staff from the group's fifty or so publishing houses, alongside management and associated services.

The new headquarters, which some say is reminiscent of a GAFA campus, had to be equipped with an IT infrastructure to match, offering an exemplary connectivity experience for all employees.

Editis wanted to deploy a WiFi network across its entire premises, while guaranteeing optimum quality of service for each and every user. This quality implies a network capable of supporting the load of a very large number of simultaneous users, the intensive uses linked to the "corporate" context (videoconferencing, cloud software...) but also a "premium" maintenance offer with high guarantees in terms of service availability.


  • Design a network to meet Editis' present and future needs
    The solution's technical foundation (cabling + switching) will enable us to plan for technological upgrades to the network in the years to come, if necessary.

  • Scaling the WiFi infrastructure to accommodate the 1,200 employees at headquarters
    Very high-density Ruckus R610 access points were deployed in the offices to support a large number of simultaneous users and high throughput requirements. The parking areas were covered by Ruckus R310s.

  • Covering the entire surface of 92 avenue de France

    Wifirst deployed and wired WiFi access points on all 11 floors of the building to ensure complete wireless coverage of the headquarters (including the parking lots).

  • Interconnecting the Wifirst network with the Editis information system
    Wifirst's engineering department worked closely with Editis' technical teams to set up all the necessary interconnections between our network and their IS (e.g. for authentication).

  • Deployment in record time
    After signing the contract in mid-January, Wifirst set up a dedicated task force combining our Engineering, Deployment and Maintenance teams to meet the deadline for Editis employees to move into the new premises.

The result

Wifirst leveraged its expertise in WiFi services from other prominent corporate headquarters to deliver Editis a customised WiFi solution, impeccably meeting identified needs and ensuring optimal connectivity for the group's employees :

The deployed network relies on 10 Gbps switching and Cat6A cabling, offering high-capacity throughput. Nineteen switches were installed across the site: 17 Cisco SG350X-24MP switches served by a stack of two Cisco SG550XG-24F switches ensuring high service availability.

Access points
A total of 116 access points provide wireless connectivity to the Editis headquarters. The ground floor and offices rely on a cutting-edge infrastructure composed of 103 Ruckus R610 access points, complemented by 13 Ruckus R310 access points on lower levels.

Wifirst's Engineering teams seamlessly integrated the WiFi network with the client's Radius server, enabling intuitive and secure employee authentication via the 802.1X protocol, with oversight from Editis' IT teams.

Express deployment
Leveraging its deployment expertise and well-established project management processes, Wifirst provided a solution tailored to Editis' requirements within six weeks, ensuring timely implementation before the employees relocated to their new offices.

Continuous uptime
Beyond redundant core switches, Editis benefits from a 4-hour restoration time guarantee in case of a critical incident on the WiFi network. This is made possible through 24/7 equipment supervision and highly advanced alert systems. "Spare" equipment is also available on-site for swift replacements in case of incidents, within a reduced time frame.

The goal was to offer a WiFi infrastructure worthy of Editis' magnificent new premises, and this challenge was brilliantly met to provide unparalleled connectivity to Editis employees spread across the building's ten floors within the given timeframe.

David Berkowicz
Technical Director, Wifirst