Room Area Network

WiFi just like at home

Today, our homes are absolutely packed with WiFi-connected devices (smartphones, computers, consoles, smartTVs, printers, connected watches, connected speakers, etc.) which need to connect to each other securely. Wifirst perfectly meets the new trends and this universal need with the introduction of Room Area Network (RAN).

As part of a standard site WiFi architecture, all the connected end users are on the same VLAN, and traffic segmentation is enabled by default (basic security precaution), meaning that end users traffic is isolated and devices cannot ‘see each other’ on the network.

Wifirst’s original idea was to be able to create a secure connection “bubble” in each unit of accommodation, to replicate a connection experience ‘like at home’. Wifirst has achieved this feature by developing the “Room Area Network”, RAN technology, delivering a private and secure network, accessible anywhere throughout the whole hotel or residence.

Without Room Area Network

Traditional WiFi network in student accommodations and hotels

With Room Area Network

Private WiFi in student accommodations and hotels

Private WiFi like at home

Using their individual WiFi password, users connect to their own secure “Room Area Network” in their bedroom, enabling them to :

Use a WiFi printer

It is traditionally difficult for any printer (any non-browser based devices) to be connected to the internet, unless it bypasses the Captive portal authentication process. The RAN enables users to connect and use their printer within their own network.

Listen to music with connected speakers

WiFi speakers are very popular, especially with students. However, like printers, they are unable to connect and go through the captive portal authentication, making the RAN the only solution enabling connected speakers to work.

Play on a gaming network by connecting a console

All games consoles can be permanently connected to the internet with the RAN.

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