Wifirst providing Fibre Leased lines and WiFi as a Service to Louvre Hotels Group throughout the UK

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Wifirst is thrilled to announce that it has furthered its relationship with Louvre Hotels Group and will be providing Fibre Leased lines and WiFi as a Service to an additional 17 hotels throughout the UK. 

By choosing Wifirst, Louvre Hotels Group intends to raise the level of service on the connectivity aspect and in doing so, strengthen the bond with its customers through an improved digital experience.

Campanile initially put their trust in Wifirst in 2019 at their property in Dartford to replace a WiFi and WAN network that had low wireless signal levels and was consequently impacting guests. The combination of cost-saving, increased service and support levels resulted in Wifirst being awarded the contract for all remaining properties in their UK portfolio, bringing the total under Wifirst management to 18.

From the moment the solution provided by Wifirst went live in our first few properties, we knew we had made the right decision. The team were fantastic in helping us to choose the right solution at the right price, and the WiFi service we now have in our hotels is extremely reliable and very fast. It all just works, and it works very well. I would highly recommend Wifirst as a partner to anyone that is looking to update their WiFi or data line services.”

Simon Rowely, Louvre Hotels Group - Group Finance Manager

A high-speed, secure internet connection is vital today, both for business and leisure travellers. As, 85% of hotel guests carry two or more devices with them when travelling, a high level of service is required to suit their needs, which generally speaking, is heavily focused on video streaming services. (source: Hotel Park, covered by Wifirst, December 2019).

With a full understanding of the important role played by connectivity, Wifirst is the essential partner for hotel digital transformation projects, with almost two decades of experience, we help to ensure the right solution is delivered, providing high speed WiFi and fibre services, accessible wherever needed,  alongside innovative services designed for the connected hotel of tomorrow.

Release date
2021 July 26th

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Wifirst – Sarah Battoue
+33 (0)7 85 73 45 82

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