After thirteen years of support from bolloré Group, Wifirst has chosen Amundi Private Equity and Bpifrance to accelerate its growth.

Paris, 11 September 2019: Amundi Private Equity Funds (Amundi PEF) is joining Bpifrance, Socadif Capital Investissement and Wifirst leaders to acquire 100% of Wifirst capital from Bolloré Group.

With support from Bolloré Group since 2006, Wifirst has seen average annual growth of more than 30% over the last 13 years and has become the French leader in managed Wi-Fi for professionals.

Led by Marc Taieb, the senior management team, with support from Amundi PEF, Bpifrance, and Socadif Capital Investissement, has decided to take a unique step in the history of Wifirst with an ambitious development plan focusing on:

  • development of company infrastructure, in France and abroad, in all its business areas (e.g. residences, hospitality, tourism, health, and retail);
  • a continuous innovation strategy to offer a robust network capable of absorbing the exponential growth in the ways the internet is used;
  • development of added-value services to allow customers to implement their digital transformation; and
  • implementation of external growth operations in France and abroad.

The deal is set to close at the beginning of October 2019.

Wifirst senior management is grateful to Bolloré Group, the new investors, its teams, and, of course, its customers for their trust, which allows Wifirst to continue to grow and innovate.

Release date
2019 September 11th

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Wifirst – Sarah Battoue
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