Wifirst carries on its international expansion in Spain

French tech branches out into Spain

Spain is the 3rd most popular tourist destination in the world, however, it only ranks 43rd in terms of hotel WiFi quality. In this country, in which tourism is considered a significant industry, the need for internet access within hotel and accommodation facilities is increasingly pressing. The Internet service provider Wifirst, has been following this challenge closely and is aiming to increase Wi-Fi availability in hotels across the country. The solution Wifirst provides not only delivers powerful performance for hotel guests but also gives access to hotel managers as a turnkey solution. With a strong presence in the United States, Italy and the UK, the high tech subsidiary of the Bolloré Group is pursuing its international expansion into Spain, and is as such following a move started by its partners: Havas, Canal+ and Vivendi. The French ISP has just finalised its first contract with a leading player within the Spanish hotel industry. The luxury 83-room 5-star hotel, situated right in the heart of Barcelona, will be equipped with Wifirst top quality Wi-Fi, offering guests the ability to experience a high speed internet connection throughout the entire hotel, completely free-of-charge.

Wi-Fi as a service", an ingenious and acclaimed approach

Wifirst manages the entire service value chain with a solution that includes the installation and monitoring of the Wi-Fi network, the creation of a branded interface, support for specific professional needs and telephone assistance for guests. Wifirst is the only point of contact needed for hotel managers. This vision of "Wi-Fi as a service” has proven highly successful in France. Wifirst which supplies more than 500,000 rooms with Wi-Fi, has already managed to win over one in three hotels within the 4 and 5-star segment. Combining technical expertise with unmatched experience in managed Wi-Fi services, this model enables Wifirst to attract hotels who are looking for a reliable all-in-one solution. In addition to the promise of a seamless internet connection, Wifirst also ensures that costs are kept under control.

A local presence in Spain, the key to success

Recognising the importance of a local presence, anexpert team specialised in Hospitality Wi-Fi has taken over the Wifirst offices located on the Avenida Diagonal in Barcelona. "On account of our presence in Spain, we can be 100% committed to our clients, as this level of proximity enables us to listen and respond to local requests in order to offer the most appropriate solution in each specific case. Our promise is simple: the Wi-Fi works, and it works well. This high quality provided by Wifirst, which is renowned within the industry, is what allows us to build a sustainable relationship with hotels", explains Javier Garcia, International Development Manager for Spain. This organisational setup allows us to stay in touch with local hotels while maintaining a close relationship with the head office in Paris.

Release date
2017, february 27th

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Wifirst – Sarah Battoue
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