Wifirst: strong commitment and ambitious objectives for the student market in the UK

London, January 28th - Wifirst signs a 2-year partnership signed with The class of 2020 to contribute to the reflexion around the future of the urban campus ecosystem.

2019: a milestone in the development of Wifirst business in the UK 

Wifirst opened its UK subsidiary in 2016. Since then, the business has significantly grown from year to year, across its different business units.

This great evolution has been achieved thanks to Wifirst's innovative in-house Research & Development teams, who have developed and introduced several in-house innovations, such as the Private Area Network (RAN), allowing users to get Private WiFi,  like at home, accessible anywhere throughout a whole residence or hotel without compromising their security. 

Operating WiFi services in over 325k+ student accommodations and 730k+ rooms in the EMEA region, Wifirst's understanding of student and operators expectations has been key to its success in delivering a robust service. 

Wifirst has also implemented a strategy of evolution to enable the company to become closer to the local UK market, better understand and support its channel partners and ultimately their customers.

This includes the establishment of a UK based “sales & marketing” team, the implementation of a local customer support service and major partnerships with Airwave - Europe’s leading supplier, installer and integrator of digital television and audio visual equipment - and Otrum, a market-leading software solutions provider for TV, signage and guest mobile devices) as key technical providers for the UK. This provides customers with the best in-class quality of service.

2020: a rich and ambitious year for the UK student market 

Wifirst's 2020 goal is to accompany its customers in their digital transformation and ensure they receive a class-leading WiFi service that is both stable and fast anywhere in Europe. Since the company formed in 2002, Wifirst has always focused on the technical requirements brought by the Student Accommodation market.

As a leader of the sector, Wifirst will also engage in the thinking around the future of the urban campus ecosystem, by signing a 2-year partnership with The Class of 2020, a partner-based think tank for the future of living, learning and working in university-cities.

“To facilitate our ambitions to develop the business and better support our clients, we will continue to enhance our knowledge of this market and our partnership with The Class of 2020 will be a real source of inspiration and reflection to always better support our partners and the students' demand for high quality service,” said Pascal Aureau, UK country manager.

Wifirst will attend and sponsor the first regional Class of 2020 on February 24th in London

For more information, visit https://www.wifirst.com/en/  or follow us on linkedin

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2020 January 28th

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