Digital signage: discover the power of our platform

Alexis Girerd (UK)
16 May 2022

Last updated on 11/12/2023

Wifirst equips its customers with state of the art, cloud-based digital signage solutions. One of the solution's strengths, in addition to not requiring any on-site hardware (apart from the screen), is its powerful and intuitive management platform

The primary function of the platform is to allow you to supervise the screens on your site, and to access all the sites you manage from a single account.

Once you access a site, you can directly view the screens installed. A thumbnail allows you to see at a glance the content being displayed as well as the status of the screen (on or off).


Content is managed from a dedicated menu: you can import several types of content (images, videos or fonts), arrange them by folder, create a playlist or create a predefined template.

A Template Pages tab provides access to a powerful editor for creating bespoke screens combining various elements: images, videos, text, dynamic web content such as twitter feeds or a weather module. The templates can also be used to configure the automatic arrival of content from APIs to exploit CMSs that already exist in your organisation.

Template Pages

Programme management is then carried out on each screen, and it is possible to manage daily, weekly or specific day-by-day programmes. 

Manage programmes

With one click, the diary is opened and filled by simply dragging and dropping available content from the content banner onto the diary. The broadcast times and display duration of each content item can be finely adjusted, and it is possible to manage daily, weekly or specific day-by-day programmes.


Finally, the platform allows you to monitor the screens and fine-tune technical parameters such as display orientation, screen software updates and network settings for connecting the screen.

Technical parameters

The platform can be accessed from any browser, including smartphones and tablets, so you can adjust the content displayed wherever you are. 

This platform is the key to the power of the digital signage solution and allows you to fully exploit all the communication capabilities that display offers, whatever your industry.