Wifirst : the means behind our CSR ambitions

Etienne DETRIE (UK)
18 Oct 2019
Awareness of corporate social, societal and environmental responsibility and of the impacts of economic activities are fundamental issues that Wifirst is not immune to. The expectations of legislators, regulators, our customers, employees and those who wish to join us are indeed growing stronger.

Like all companies, Wifirst has the choice between enduring these constraints or making CSR and Sustainable Development an object of innovation, creativity and pride. It is of course this latter option that we have chosen and which has motivated us to professionalise our approach, three years after having implemented the first CSR-SD initiatives. We have therefore entrusted Charlotte Thiollier with responsibility for this enhanced structure.

A longtime collaborator of Wifirst, Charlotte has an in-depth knowledge of the workings of the company, combined with a wealth of experience in the voluntary sector. With the support of Wifirst, she has been training for the past year in CSR management as part of a specialised Master’s at the Ecole des Mines (Paris).

Full-time CSR manager since 30 September, Charlotte has adopted a responsible approach for Wifirst that integrates competitiveness, innovation, regulatory compliance, social and societal responsibility and sustainable strategy. The objective for the next five months is to build Wifirst's CSR strategy in line with our values, our history and our corporate mission. We want this strategy to be ambitious. We also wish to encourage the contribution of employees - and of the various stakeholders - in developing this strategy, because it is one of the keys to the success of the approach. The following are already in progress :

  • The implementation of a structured tool for debate to involve all employees in the construction of Wifirst's CSR strategy and to identify the levers of transformation that can drive the change envisioned;
  • The organisation at the end of 2019 of a first meeting with CSR and SD entrepreneurs in order to build relationships, generate a positive impact among employees and fuel internal dynamics;
  • Carrying out a carbon assessment of our activity in order to identify the major sources of CO2 emissions to reduce our impact.


  • The onboarding of new employees and diverse recruiting;
  • The development of employee skills;
  • Maintaining a responsible sourcing policy, in particular for consumables;
  • Reducing Wifirst's energy footprint;
  • Hyper-connectivity.

These varied subjects illustrate Wifirst's desire to address fundamental issues with strong environmental and societal impacts.