Unlocking the Future: Seamlessly transition from Analog to IP Telephony with SIP Trunks from Wifirst

Alexis Girerd (UK)
29 Mar 2024

A pioneering communications technology, telephony hasn't been left behind by technical advancements. Evolving from analogue, it has seamlessly transitioned into the Internet age, albeit still in its early stages. So, how can you join this movement and step into the IP era? SIP trunking is your gateway!

IP telephony, an essential transition as the PSTN era draws to a close

Offering numerous benefits: flexibility, cost-effectiveness, centralisation, and access to the latest technologies. Yet, this shift is increasingly imperative as the outdated and costly-to-maintain analogue network (known as the PSTN network), embarks on a phased decommissioning process.

Soon, new telephone line orders will not be possible, and the closure of existing lines is already underway in select areas throughout the UK. 

The Trunk SIP solution allows you to embark on the IP transition without the need for a complete reinstallation of your existing telephony infrastructure, enabling you to anticipate the end of the analogue network while swiftly embracing the benefits of the IP network.

SIP trunking serves as the bridge to IP telephony

A company's telephony infrastructure typically consists of telephone sets, a management server (automatic exchange or IPBX), and a connection to the provider who handles call routing. Trunk SIP facilitates call routing over the Internet (IP) network.

With Trunk SIP, there's no longer a need to subscribe to dedicated analogue links; instead, communications can be routed over your existing business fibre, leading to significant cost savings and ensuring the longevity of your telephone system as it transitions into the IP era, all without the need for a complete overhaul.

The Wifirst solution offers simplicity and quality

With the Wifirst Trunk SIP solution, you gain access to all the features of enterprise communications: adjustable channel sizing tailored to your needs, number portability and management (geographic, special, etc.), unlimited subscriptions, and complimentary inter-site communications. Additionally, to ensure uninterrupted service during emergencies, a call forwarding function to an external number is available. You'll never be out of reach again! The solution is compatible with most IPBXs on the market and can be seamlessly integrated with an older PBX via a gateway. Wifirst collaborates with your existing telephony service provider or offers the services via a preferred partner to customize your telephone system according to your requirements.

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