Wifirst Box

Meeting the shared WiFi challenge

The greatest challenge of shared WiFi infrastructure is and will always be managing unprecedented demand on the network during peak hours. No business is immune to that issue. Whether in a student hall of residence, a hotel or at a campsite, we systematically witness peaks of activity especially from 6pm to 11pm. The robustness of a WiFi network is always tested in these situations as is maintaining the quality of service.

The Wifirst box was developed by Wifirst, a device deployed at each site that guarantees the highest quality of service, to meet the very specific needs of shared internet access with high number of users and high usage. The Wibox is constantly evolving and assure a scalable service at time when internet usage is drastically changing.

Revolutionary quality of service management algorithms

  • Bandwidth management, fairness between users
  • Dynamic classification and prioritisation of traffic
  • Bandwidth management for a specific VLAN (Admin network for example)
  • Support failover and service resilience

User authentication and legal protection

  • Identification of users and management of their access profiles
  • Traceability of connections in compliance with legal requirements

Network and security   

  • Supervision of all all the active equipment connected to the Wibox
  • DHCP server, DNS relay
  • Security: Firewall & segmentation of the various local networks