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About Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki is a San Francisco-based manufacturer of networking equipment. The brand markets a diverse range of products (routers, switches, WiFi access points, cameras, etc.) that are entirely managed in Cloud mode.

The Wifirst teams, trained, certified and experienced, are best placed to support you in the deployment and management of your Cisco Meraki network in managed service mode.

Wifirst operates tens of thousands of Meraki WiFi and LAN equipment at customers in a variety of industries: defence, tourist accommodation, retail, corporate.

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Wifi Cisco Meraki: your WiFi access point with Wifirst!

WiFi Meraki: products certified by Wifirst!

Wifirst has included Cisco Meraki solutions in its service offering since 2015. As a result, Wifirst's operated fleet includes tens of thousands of Meraki WiFi access points and thousands of switches for pro customers, all of whom are satisfied!

WiFi 6, WiFi 6E, WiFi 7.... Cisco Meraki is available in a range of equipment models. Wifirst guides you through your choices.

Why Cisco Meraki WiFi AP?

  • The quality of the products supplied by Cisco Meraki meets Wifirst's specifications, both in terms of deployability and operability (radio performance of WiFi access points, network functionalities, integration of an IoT ecosystem, wealth of APIs available, centralised management platform, equipment design, depth of equipment ranges etc.)
  • Cisco Meraki provides Wifirst with every guarantee regarding security elements.
  • Wifirst engineers successfully integrated Cisco Meraki equipment into Wifirst's integration and supervision platforms, giving our NOC the ability to operate a very high quality service.

Why entrust your Cisco Meraki WiFi project to Wifirst?

Beyond our expert skills in WiFi products and Meraki switches, we offer businesses a service-based vision of network infrastructures aimed at saving them time and money through impeccable quality of service, everywhere and all the time.

We're talking about "WiFi as a Service":

  • Our engineers will be able to give you the best advice to design the architectures best suited to your needs.
  • Our "Delivery" teams will take care of deploying your state-of-the-art network
  • Our operations department will supervise and maintain the infrastructure in operational condition in all circumstances.

Wifirst is capable of handling all network infrastructure projects: WiFi, managed LAN, SD-WAN, Firewall, IoT.

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Success stories WiFi and LAN Meraki

We operate Cisco Meraki equipment at hundreds of customers in various industries: defence, hotels, student residences, offices, retail. We have perfect mastery of the entire production chain for a Meraki WiFi service.

Click on the button below to discover our SO/ Paris success story. Part of the La Félicité building, this 162-room and suite hotel features a signature Paris Society restaurant, a Maison Codage spa and Wifirst connectivity. The first French address in the SO/ collection is equipped with a fully unified network, using Cisco Meraki managed switches, which comes to meet its specific challenges for both business connectivity and customer experience.


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