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What is dedicated fibre (FTTO) ?

FTTO (Fibre to the Office) is a dedicated fibre with guaranteed speed, reserved for the client company. No bandwidth sharing. No mutualisation with other buildings. Dedicated FTTO fibre is the most efficient and secure optical fibre technology for businesses with significant connectivity needs.

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Up to 10 Gbps

A highly scalable, professional high-speed connection, up to 10 Gbps.


Guaranteed speed

Dedicated bandwidth for your business. Guaranteed symmetrical speed.

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GTR 4h

Proactive monitoring and a 4-hour Guaranteed Time to Restore (GTR) in case of a critical incident.

Why choose Wifirst's FTTO ?

The Wifirst network boasts an unparalleled reach and availability, thanks to established agreements with major operators as well as alternative players. Wifirst has entered into contracts with multiple fibre FTTO collection operators, be it lit or dark fibre, including Orange, Ielo-Liazo, SFR/Completel, Covage, Tutor, Colt, Zayo, Interoute, and more.

The diversity within the Wifirst network allows for a combination of sub-networks from various operators, significantly enhancing service availability. This diversity enables Wifirst to selectively choose the most efficient collection sub-networks based on the geographical location of the site to be connected, the quality and resilience of the sub-network near that site, etc.

In this way, Wifirst ensures optimal national and regional fibre coverage for flexible and resilient solutions. The strategic choice of FTTO fibre technology for dedicated Very High-Speed services aligns with the quality of service demands of businesses.


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What is included in Wifirst FTTO pro solution?

Wifirst's FTTO offering includes all the elements leading to the delivery of a functional service, whether the fibre is connected to a  LAN provided by Wifirst or not.

  • Eligibility : Identification of the best pricing plan and optimal timelines based on geography
  • Technical site survey : Examination of the optical fibre route.
  • Access Deployment: Physical connection of the fibre from the public domain to the private domain up to the delivery point determined by the technical survey.
  • Provision one or more public fixed IP addresses.
  • Supervision and monitoring : 24/7 supervision by our Network Operations Center (NOC), with a guaranteed 4-hour time to restore service.

Choosing the right speeds for your FTTO Pro

The choice of FTTO sizing is crucial. An undersized FTTO will result in slowdowns and user frustrations, while an oversized FTTO will incur unnecessary costs! Here are some tips for selecting the right pricing plan.


Success stories (FTTO)


Fiber FTTO + WiFi at the London headquarters HkX to connect 1700 collaborators spread across 10 floors.

FTTO 10 Gbps →


Wifirst, preferred supplier for WiFi, Fibre and Chromecast for all Accor brands

FTTO Hotel →


An ultra-performing WiFi, thanks to fiber deployed in all residences.

WiFi Student Accomodation →


The Alberdeen Alens Hotel connected with a super fast fibre leased line.

Success stories →

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