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What is a WiFi captive portal?

The WiFi captive portal we offer is the gateway to the client WiFi network. It is a connection web page to which users are automatically directed and identify themselves to access the network. Several authentication methods are available (e-mail, connection codes, sponsor, etc.), enabling you to control access to the network. The WiFi captive portal adapts to your brand (logo, colours, image) for a personalised experience and is displayed in the appropriate language, depending on the customer's nationality.

About the Wifirst captive portal

The first time a user connects to an establishment's client WiFi network, they are automatically directed to a page known as a "captive portal" or "splash screen". The portal allows users to accept the terms of use and confidentiality policy, to request personal information or to pay for access to a paid WiFi service.

Benefits of the WiFi captive portal

The WiFi captive portal fulfills essential roles in granting access to the network:

  • Compliance with the legal obligations laid down by GDPR (recording and storage of connection logs, handling of judicial requisitions and compliant data processing) 
  • User authentication with a range of access options (email, connection code, sponsor, purchase of online offers, etc.) 
  • Security thanks to partitioning between users to protect data confidentiality 
  • Customer information thanks to the collection of customer data on the WiFi captive portal, adhering to GDPR guidelines, for marketing purposes.

For all these reasons, incorporating a WiFi captive portal into your establishment offers a smart solution for securing network access!

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The advantages of the Wifirst captive portal

There are many advantages to the Wifirst captive portal:

  • Responsive design: the Wifirst portal automatically adapts to all screen sizes thanks to responsive design web technology.
  • Multilingual: the portal is automatically displayed in one of five available languages: French, English, Spanish, Italian and German. We can add additional languages as required.
  • Customisable: the portal can be customised site by site: high-definition photo, logo, redirect URL.

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Wifirst captive portal access modes

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Free access

Users can freely access the Internet by filling out a form-based registration.


Paid access

You wish to generate revenue on your WiFi? Wifirst can integrate billing features for your paid services (by credit card only).


Connection code

If you wish to regulate WiFi access using generated codes, to be distributed by the reception team.

We can set up an interconnection with your business tools (PMS or CRM) so that users can authenticate themselves on the portal using various methods such as a booking number or a name and room number pair.

Customising your captive portal

The WiFi captive portal serves as an excellent means of communication. From the management interface, you can customise it to match your brand's colours and image.

Additionally, there are options for communicating with your customers via a personalised welcome message (configurable from Wifirst Center), activating a chat module to respond to queries, redirecting the user (via a URL) to the site of your choice or displaying your technical support number.

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Wifirst's services

Wifirst's teams will support you every step of the way in setting up your WiFi captive portal: we'll configure your establishment's portal and adapt it to the colours and WiFi access conditions you require. 

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Wifirst installs and configures the captive portal using the Wifirst WiFi infrastructure.



The interface can be customised to suit your needs (background image, logo, access modes, etc.).

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Service supervision, statistics and additional functions such as ad management via Wifirst Center.

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