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Chromecast solution: a universal offering for hotels and serviced residences

Wifirst is the first operator to have developed a truly secure solution, certified by Google.

Upgrade your hotel

The Chromecast has become a must-have for hotels and all accommodation equipped with TVs. It's the best solution for enabling your customers to stream their personal content (Canal+, Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Youtube, etc.) to the TV. Wifirst uses its WiFi expertise to provide this service, based on Room Area Network technology developed in-house to provide a user experience just like at home, while guaranteeing quality and security!

Chromecast: the must-have for the streaming era

With the massive arrival of streaming in content consumption, the TV experience in hospitality has changed radically: 

Customers want to find their usual content, not just linear channels. The Chromecast solution stands as the optimal choice to deliver this experience: users can effortlessly stream their content to the screen from any of their devices (Android or Apple).

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An innovative service addressing real needs

Here are a few figures that highlight the impact of video streaming on content consumption patterns:

  • 127,9 The average revenue per user in the UK SVOD (subscription video on demand) market.
  • 12,5% Revenue growth in the UK SVOD market in 2024.
  • 36,5 million Number of British people who will be watching SVOD every day by 2027.

An innovative approach for an optimised service

Wifirst has chosen to develop a unique WiFi technology, the Room Area Network, to guarantee maximum quality and security for the Chromecast service.



Our technology stands alone in ensuring complete security: RANs (Room Area Networks) are connection areas that enhance security by remaining entirely independent of each other.


5 GHz Excellence

Our solution enables Chromecasts to connect via WiFi on 5 GHz frequencies, unlike most competing solutions on the market.



Even the least tech-savvy users will be able to activate the service easily, as it is interconnected with the hotel's PMS.

We offer 2 Chromecast solutions: integrated Chromecast and external Chromecast.

Integrated Chromecast 

The integrated Chromecast solution involves using televisions that are natively Chromecast-compatible (in software terms). In other words, there's no need to physically connect a third-party device to the TV. No risk of unintentional disconnection, no risk of theft, and lots of savings thanks to simplified activation!



External Chromecast

The external Chromecast is our historic solution, compatible with 100% of televisions on the market. The solution involves plugging a Chromecast into the TV's HDMI port and connecting it to Wifirst's WiFi infrastructure.


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Applications compatible with our solution

Nearly 3,000+ applications are compatible with Chromecast offers.

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Find out what's included in all Wifirst Chromecast packages

Wifirst's teams can help you every step of the way to set up a Chromecast solution in your establishment.


On-site survey

We can help you identify the solution best suited to your needs, as well as the pre-requisites required for the service to function properly.


Adjustment work

We make the necessary adjustments to the network infrastructure to accommodate the Chromecast service.



Activation of technical configurations and tests carried out with the customer.


Supervision & Monitoring

Supervision by our teams 24/7 and monitoring from Wifirst Center, the service monitoring and management interface

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TV project management

As well as Chromecast, Wifirst can help you set up and manage your entire multimedia project: IPTV portal, digital signage, deployment and configuration, etc.

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