Wifirst Center: monitoring your WiFi in real time

An all-in-one platform to manage your network

Web and mobile access to monitor your LAN and WiFi

The Wifirst Center, a tool for...

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Control all Wifirst services (WiFi, Chromecast, VoIP) from a single platform.

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Access to highly detailed data on network usage and the status of active equipment.



Access to advanced statistics with high added value for decision-making.



Direct communication with support, consultation of past or current requests.

Wifirst Center: an intuitive, intelligent WiFi interface

Wifirst Center is a web-based (cloud) platform that gives facility managers, marketing and technical managers access to a wealth of information on the status of the WiFi service and its users. The interface can be accessed from any device, simply by logging in to your account. Developed by experts, the Wifirst Center interface is constantly evolving and being enhanced for the benefit of all its users.

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A multi-vendor platform

Wifirst Center retrieves data from all the access point and switch manufacturers listed by Wifirst. Wifirst Center is therefore particularly useful for customers with a heterogeneous installed base of equipment. Our software overlay enables all the data to be centralised on a single interface.

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A mobile application tailored to your needs

To meet your mobile needs as effectively as possible, our teams have developed an application available on iOS and Android. This gives you access to all Wifirst services and enables you to supervise all your sites directly from your smartphone.

Access the dashboard, send codes or manage user accounts... Everything is at your fingertips!

Wifirst Center features

Network Monitoring

Access a summary dashboard and get a real-time view of the state of the network.

Dynamic mapping

Have full visibility of your site using dynamic diagrams of floor plan to see the location and status of each network device in real time.

Usage statistics

Check over a given period the number of connections or unique users, volumes of data exchanged, revenues generated, etc.


View detailed information about your equipment, its status and positioning on site maps. 

Connection codes

Generate connection codes and send them to your customers to control Internet usage.

IoT administration

We have developed an IoT administration portal to manage devices such as TVs, Chromecast, Digital Signage, etc.


Find your documents on a single platform (depending on your access rights).


Manage and configure user rights by site and their perimeter in total autonomy.

Technical support

Use the Wifirst Center to contact our teams and view the progress of your requests.

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