L'intelligence artificielle au coeur du service de Wifirst

Artificial intelligence

Meeting the challenge of data processing and unified operation of hundreds of thousands of network devices

Wifirst operates more than 280,000 active devices on its network (WiFi access points, switches, network termination devices, Wifirst Box, etc.). The operator has been investing in the intelligence of its own information systems and in the development of software overlays for 20 years. To avoid the proliferation of equipment, manufacturers and collected data, Wifirst uses artificial intelligence for its deployment and supervision tools and its QoS technology.

Automation of commissioning

  • Implementation of IA protocols that allow our central equipment (wifirst box) to "discover" all active equipment on the network and provision them with the correct configurations.
  • Works regardless of hardware manufacturer.

Network anomaly detection

  • Event correlation analysis to detect and anticipate anomalies thanks to our "in-house" supervision tool (see below).
  • Advanced alerting system to solicit the right teams in our NOC.

QoS Algorithms

  • The challenge of collective WiFi is not to saturate the networks at peak times.
  • Beyond the fairness between users, we have developed a code that allows the classification and the optimization of flows in a dynamic way.
Infocentre Kiwi développé par Wifirst