The Wifirst Gateway

Guaranteed quality of service and security

The Wifirst Gateway, aka the WiBox, was developed by Wifirst to guarantee the very highest quality of service possible while also maintaining flawless network security. The on-premise device is carefully configured to meet the internet and usage needs of each customer site. However, constant evolution and an assured scalable service means that our customers are always ready for a dramatic rise in internet usage. The greatest challenge for any WiFi infrastructure is, and will always be, managing network demand during peak hours. Whether a student residence, a hotel, a campsite or care home, we consistently see a peak in internet use during the evenings. During these times, WiFi networks tend to be put under a lot of stress. The key here is to ensure the network is up to the challenge from day one.

Unprecedented quality of service

  • Bandwidth is managed fairly between all connected users
  • All internet traffic is dynamically prioritised 
  • Bandwidth management is handled automatically for a specific VLAN's (Virtual Local Area Networks), like a private staff network, for example.
  • Pro-active support and failover to provide service resilience.

User authentication and legal protection

  • Multiple authentication methods are available, such as:
    • PMS connectivity to all leading providers to allow guests to enter their name and room number.
    • Voucher code access
    • User profile access
    • PCI compliant card payment 
  • Customised access page with your logos and branding
  • Full GDPR compliance and legal protection

Network and security   

  • Managed supervision of all connected equipment
  • DHCP server, DNS relay
  • Firewall & Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) segmentation