Wifirst's deployment factory

Wifirst relies on a precise and rigorous project methodology, based on the experience acquired through the deployment of 300,000 access points, 100,000 switches and 30,000 Internet links in Europe and abroad.

Project management in 3 phases:  « Think, Build, Run » 




Consulting & AMOA


Field network audit


Architectural design


Selection of technologies




Project planning & management


Professional deployment


Integration into your ecosystem


Acceptance, commissioning and VSR




Multi-channel monitoring and support


Proactive and reactive maintenance


Cybersecurity and legal protection


Regular updates

During the numerous large-scale LAN/WiFi and WAN projects we have conducted, we have always brought the same rigour to the deployment phase, as this phase directly conditions the operability of the service, and ultimately its quality and customer satisfaction. Wifirst's ability to carry out massive deployments is based on several key success factors.

A flexible, responsive and scalable structure to cover many countries.

Wifirst has maintained unrivalled flexibility and agility, thanks to its responsive structure and unique specialisation in the WiFi operator business. In particular, this allows us to adapt our approach to the specificities of each customer's context, whether deploying an independent establishment or a fleet of several thousand sites.

This structure is supported in particular by human resources:

  • project management centralised around a team of qualified and experienced telecoms project manager engineers (a dedicated project manager is assigned to each new site)
  • an in-house team of several dozen auditors - WiFi-architects - to carry out precise technical studies ahead of deployment
  • on-site installations carried out by a network of service providers trained and certified by our technical teams (over 400 partner integrator technicians).

Tools and procedures adapted to industrialise deployment

Wifirst teams have the technical means to easily orchestrate the various components involved in a deployment project (interactions with the customer, organisation of interventions, management of equipment, etc.):

  • Wifirst Deployment, a tailor-made project management tool, allows the breakdown and monitoring of each stage of the project
  • Wifirst Site Survey, a tool for carrying out pre-visits and WiFi coverage surveys, developed to compensate for the shortcomings of existing tools and directly connect to our information system
  • A logistic platform where all the equipment necessary for the deployment is stored, dimensioned to respond to large volumes and respect precise deadlines

The industrialisation of our deployment processes and tools contributes directly to the success of our clients' projects, by optimising the quality of the installations and compliance with the deadlines imposed, in a climate of totally transparent communication.

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Proven methodology on large-scale projects

Wifirst manages close to 1500 simultaneous projects on a daily basis, allowing us to easily absorb high deployment rates for the most demanding projects in terms of number of sites. Our organisation has enabled us to ensure successful deployments in record time and/or extreme conditions.



Midscale hotels deployed in 3 months

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Car centres deployed in 6 months


6 000

TV & Chromecast deployed


Sales outlets deployed per month

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Sites deployed in war zones



Agencies deployed in 12 weeks

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