The BBL Group relies on Wifirst
to make its vision of connected logistics a reality

The BBL Group, created in 1997 by Kaci Kebaili which specialises in the field of sensitive freight (through the Charvin, Charpiot, Marichal and BBL Galax brands), has chosen our WiFi as a Service solution to guarantee the fluidity of operations within its logistics warehouses, both on the client and business sides.


Managed WiFi to support the group's Lean Logistics strategy

Provide a multi-service network for the warehouse and its offices

The BBL Group's business has become closely linked to wireless connectivity, which is an incredible productivity driver in line with the Group's Lean Logistics approach.

The implementation of a WiFi as a service solution by Wifirst made it possible to mutualise the network for all of BBL's needs, particularly in the office spaces. WiFi is also essential for business terminals (handhelds, tablets, etc.) to be able to communicate with their WMS software; it can also be used as a gateway to remotely control machines, such as overhead cranes, which are widely used for work carried out on the move.

In parallel, a guest WiFi was also implemented for visitors (customers, suppliers, etc.)

infra-mutualisée-wifi-IoT-logistique-UK (1)

Linking the network with customer information systems

As the supply-chain becomes more and more complex, the BBL group has built a contract logistics service offer using a modular approach in order to ensure a perfect match with the specifications of its customers. As part of the deployment of our WiFi as a service solution, Wifirst engineering was in charge of configuring the integration of the BBL group's IS (existing LAN network) so that it could integrate it with its customers' IS.



Ensuring full coverage of the warehouses despite a disrupted environment

The BBL group called on Wifirst for the first time in 2018. Its logistics warehouse in Bussy-Saint-George was equipped with a WiFi network that served as technical support for business needs: order taking, reference searches, connected handhelds, etc. Unfortunately, this network did not meet expectations and was degrading both the productivity and the working conditions of the employees on site. Wifirst, with its unique expertise in WiFi technology, proposed an on-site coverage audit and the deployment of a brand new "as a service" solution to finally offer the BBL group an adapted WiFi infrastructure.

Wifirst, which understood the challenges of the warehouse environment (high ceilings, numerous shelves, changing environment, etc.), was able to propose a tight network with high density access points to ensure ultra-fine WiFi coverage.

The partnership was naturally extended to the other BBL Group warehouses in France.



Deploy in parallel with continuous (24/7) warehouse activity

BBL's logistic warehouses operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is therefore essential to organise on-site deployments in parallel with the activity of the warehouse, with installation of access points at height thanks to the use of a cherry picker and remote activation by our maintenance team.

Wifirst's teams continuously monitor the network to ensure it is running smoothly (especially during peak warehouse activity in the morning), perform routine actions to upgrade it and ensure that BBL's teams can focus on their core business with a reliable and efficient WiFi service.