Vue So paris

The first French SO/ address with connectivity to match its unique brand

The banks of the Seine are home to a new treasure, the SO/Paris. Housed in the La Félicité building, this 162-room and suite hotel boasts a Paris Society restaurant, a Maison Codage spa and Wifirst connectivity. The first French address in the SO/ collection is equipped with a fully unified network, using Cisco Meraki managed switches, to meet its specific challenges in terms of both business connectivity and customer experience.



Ensuring connectivity for a luxury hotel set in a historic district building 

Integration into the building's overall construction concept

In place of the former Paris City Hall, the Sully-Morland district is being reinvented with La Félicité, a site that combines renovation and new construction to accommodate a covered market, a community kindergarten, housing, offices, shops, a youth hostel, restaurants and bars, urban farming on the roof, an art gallery and a 5-star hotel with a swimming pool and fitness centre.


Working hand-in-hand for many months with the teams responsible for the building's renovation and construction, Wifirst was able to create and install a technical solution capable of meeting the site's diverse requirements and constraints: bandwidth, connection security, network impermeability, mobile use, etc. 

A tailor-made approach in line with Accor standards 

While Wifirst manages the connectivity of the entire building, a specific solution was needed for each function, particularly those of the SO/Paris hotel. Wifirst, which has been working with Accor since 2013, proposed a tailor-made approach for this new property, where digital technology is used by both customers and businesses (cameras, IPTV, telephony, as well as technical management of the building with access control and lighting management).

unified hotel room

Wifirst's teams worked alongside those of SO/ to gather together all the requirements, identify the appropriate switch models and manufacturer solutions, define the implementation plan for the equipment and ensure the connection and configuration of all the connections in order to operate the service under excellent conditions and guarantee its total availability.


The Wifirst unified network at the forefront of connectivity solutions, with its partner Cisco Meraki

The SO/ Paris was attracted by Wifirst's technical solution, which consists of designing a unified network that avoids the " multiplicity " of infrastructures deployed for each digital service, and thus optimising operational performance. Wifirst deployed no fewer than 203 switches to cover the entire establishment. Between the WiFi access points, smart TVs, telephones, cameras and smart building equipment, there are more than 3,000 ports that needed to be configured and administered. Hence the need for equipment and a platform as powerful as that provided by Cisco Meraki.








A glowing WiFi rating

Guest feedback on WiFi is as good as the connectivity experience offered within the hotel. In the rooms, there are Bluetooth speakers and 4K Ultra HD 55" TVs on which you can Stream & Cast your content (a secure Chromecast solution for hotels developed by Wifirst). The 200 m² of meeting space (including a multimedia room) is also equipped with a secure broadband network, in line with new corporate standards. visuel-note-booking-So-Paris



This project represents Wifirst's vision of the future of the hotel industry: a unique, secure, high-performance and sustainable connectivity solution.