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Club Med, overview

For over 65 years, Club Med has been leading the way for the international tourist market, offering luxury all-inclusive holidays in over 80 resorts across 26 countries.

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The Project

The close relationship between Wifirst and Club Med began with the Opio, and La Palmyre resorts. These successful deployments later paved the way for further expansion as Wifirst was selected to install and manage WiFi and a Fibre Leased Line service covering over 59 Acre's of their Tunisian holiday village, Djerba La Douce.


The Solution

To ensure Club Med holidaymakers had an exceptional WiFi experience throughout Djerba La Douce village, Wifirst installed a network of almost 400 wireless access points providing both internal and external coverage. These access points were connected to a private Fibre infrastructure spanning over 3 kilometres of the resort, powered by a backbone of gigabit switches to provide a robust and fast WiFi network. The greatest achievement, however, was that the full village network deployment spanning over 59 Acres took less than four months, and was ready in good time for the 2019 holiday season to begin.

Key Facts

  • Wifirst's WiFi and Fibre deployment at the Club Med Djerba provided full and fast WiFi coverage of the 59 Acre village.
  • Over 3 Kilometers of Fibre cabling was installed by Wifirst.
  • 719 Rooms connected, in addition to all public, common and outdoor areas, including the beach!
  • 386 Ruckus Wireless Access Points are managed in real-time by Wifirst giving complete peace of mind to Club Med. 
  • In the month of August 2019, Wifirst saw 4,627 individual devices use the service. At peak times, up to 820 devices were seen to be using the WiFi network simultaneously, downloading around 25 Terabytes of data. This, however, is but a fraction of the capacity of the infrastructure. Wifirst networks are tailor-made for the most demanding environments.
Djerba la douce : inside a room

“For this large-scale project, our need was clear: to benefit from a solid infrastructure, able to absorb the needs of our holidaymakers and our staff.

As a true partner, Wifirst has accompanied us all the way through the project, from as early as the works phase, a decisive phase for this village spread over 59 Acres.

Yoann Spadavecchia
Head of IT, Club Med