Case Study - Havas Village London 

Havas Village London, overview

Ideally located in King’s Cross, between Google & YouTube, Havas KX is a fully integrated marketing and communications company, offering advertising, media, data and technology, digital, social, mobile, CRM, UX, sports and entertainment, public relations, corporate communications, healthcare, design, research, employer branding and recruitment, all under one roof to enable a more streamlined and effective approach to business needs.


The Project

In 2017, Havas brought marketing and communications industry leaders together under one roof in a vibrant and innovative 10-floor building, allowing business creativity to flourish and prosper. To meet the digital connectivity needs of HKX, a substantial amount of bandwidth was required, and a highly secured network to support increased mobility, intensive data usage, and access to hosted and cloud-based applications for over 1700 employees.

Havas put their trust in Wifirst to provide HKX with an enterprise-grade Fibre and WiFi solution.

The Solution

The HKX building opened its doors in 2017, bringing together over 1700 professionals in a 167,000 square foot building across ten floors which presented numerous technical challenges to overcome due to the industrial building design.

By working closely with the architect during the last nine months of the two-year building construction, Wifirst was able to project manage, install and fine-tune a solution to make sure that all challenges were addressed. By deploying a tailor-made, fully managed high-density WiFi network and fibre leased line service, Wifirst was able to ensure all employees receive fast and reliable access to the internet.

Supported by a layer 2 connection from COLT, the Fibre Leased Line connected to Wifirst's backbone network enables us to provide internet access quickly and easily into multiple locations throughout Europe. The scale and density of COLT's fibre network reaches 28,500+ buildings in 200+ cities and 50+ metropolitan areas worldwide.

The Result

  • Havas Village London brought together more than 30 agencies and over 1700 people, all under one roof, connected to a single managed network.
  • Wifirst is the sole provider of WiFi and Fibre Leased Line connectivity throughout the HKX building.
  • Project planning began before the building construction allowing us to provide the very best possible WiFi coverage, taking into account all technical challenges from a wireless deployment perspective (Aluminium tiles, open-plan offices and ceilings, large meeting rooms and the use of glass walls and partitions throughout the building)
  • Over 4500 wireless devices are seamlessly connected to the Wifirst network each day.

Over the following years, Havas flourished, and consequently, a tremendous increase in data consumption was seen on the data line. To ensure there was always plenty of bandwidth available, Wifirst increased the bandwidth supplied to HKX from the Wifirst Fibre backbone network from 1GB to 10GB to support the increased speed requirements which were essential to the productivity of the business.

“The WiFi as a Service solution implemented by Wifirst enabled us to connect over 1700 employees, all of which hold multiple devices, in the most secure, effective and seamless way, to allow interactions and collaborations across all ten floors of HKX without any compromise on quality or security.”

Alan Ward
IT Director, Havas UK