Stream & Cast

Adapt your service offer to the streaming of audio and video content

Enable your customers to stream their own content on their room TV thanks to our Stream & Cast offer, which leverages both our “Room Area Network" technology and Google's Chromecast product.

An innovative service that meets a real need

  • UA BVA, specialist in behavioural marketing research, indicates that 75% of people watch programs in replay (and 86% among 18-34 year olds).
  • Replay has become standard use, and for a majority of viewers, it has become unbearable to not have access to it.
  • That is why video streaming apps have phenomenal success. The contents are in your pocket, accessible at any time: Netflix, Youtube, Molotov, OCS, Amazon Prime Video, 6Play, etc.
Hospitality TV systems powered by Google Chromecast
Chromecast TV for hotels

What is Chromecast?

Chromecast is a real-time media player device developed by Google.

  • It takes the form of a small key connected to WiFi and plugged to the HDMI port of a television.
  • It allows to easily cast the content of its mobile / tablet / computer screen on the television.

Chromecast is the most universal streaming solution on the market, with thousands of supported applications (from all operating systems).

The stakes of Chromecast in a hospitality context

Chromecast is initially designed for a B2C distribution. The operator must tackle two major challenges to offer this service in a hotel (context of shared WiFi).

  1. Ergonomy: Offer a simple and intuitive solution for users.
  2. Security: Create a Zero risk security solution (ei: streaming to the neighbour’s TV, neither inadvertently nor maliciously).
Smart TV solutions for hotels

The unique advantages
of our offer Stream & Cast


Our technology is the only one to guarantee total security: With our RANs as a secure foundation to provide a completely independent and private network.

Quality 5GHz WiFi coverage

Our WiFi coverage is designed to connect Chromecast devices over the WiFi 5GHz band (and not in 2.4GHz), which is essential to deliver the best streaming experience.


Our Room Area Network solution makes it easy to run a Chromecast service securely. It is also an enabler for future guest private services such as connected speakers, printers, game console, etc…