La résidence étudiante connectée

The connected student accommodation

Does your WiFi solution meet the digital challenges of today?

The challenge of WiFi at rush hour

The history of student residences is inseparable from that of Wifirst. Since 2003, the students' demand for quality of service has prompted Wifirst to create a technical solution that meets their needs, in particular by developing the Wifirst Box, a device deployed at each site that guarantees the highest quality of service during peak hours.

We embrace the evolution of Wifi standards and continue to research and develop innovative deployment methods. With the development of our core network we now connect the majority of our customers with Wifirst fibre optics services. In just a few years Wifirst has become an expert in high-density WiFi networks.

Student WiFi at peak hours
Uses of the internet by students

The explosion of video streaming

Video streaming has become a key activity for the student online experience. All data traffic is transmitted using our core network via our data centres. This allows us to gain insight into the ongoing changes in student usage of streaming content, ensuring we are always able to meet their needs.

Managed WiFi at the heart of the connected student accommodation

A pioneer of managed WiFi (or "WiFi as a Service"), Wifirst supports and advises all student housing managers on matters of connectivity and digitalization. We are convinced that the benefit of WiFi goes well beyond its primary use (the internet access of residents). We are building a foundation, a robust and secure infrastructure to power the digital services of student residences.

Managed WiFi in student accommodation
WiFi Room area Netwok

WiFi experience like at home

Wifirst allows students to connect on their own private network to replicate a connection experience just like home. Their many devices (smartphones, computers, consoles, smart TVs, Chromecast, printers, connected watches, connected speakers, etc.) can seamlessly connect to WiFi and communicate with each other.

Wifirst has achieved this feature by developing the “Room Area Network” technology, delivering a private and secure network, accessible anywhere throughout the whole residence.

Student WiFi

Our customers

We are proud to support the most prestigious operators of student accommodations.
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“We were very happy with the Wifi installation as it had minimal impact on our existing infrastructure. Building on this success, we have continued to follow Wifirst’s recommendations and have brought the connectivity solutions that meet the needs of our residents for all their devices.”

Bernard Manin
O.S.E. Le Club Etudiant

“During the deployment phase, the relationship with the project manager was rigorous and professional. In particular, the Wifirst team was able to deliver a solution in line with our specifications while keeping the tight deadlines.””

Perceval LEFEBRE
COO Nexity Studéa

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions by our customers about WiFi and fibre optics.

I am not satisfied with my current WiFi service” How can I be certain that Wifirst will offer a better solution ?

Wifirst is THE specialist of managed Wifi for student accommodation. We have been partners with the leaders of the sector (Crous: the French student accommodation governmental organisation, Studea Nexity, Les Estudines, etc.) and more recently with Kley and Student Factory. For the past 16 years, we have developed our expertise and our solutions to deliver the best WiFi experience to students especially at peak times.

How many personal devices can students connect?

Students can connect an unlimited number of personal devices: computer, smartphone, tablet, gaming console, etc. In addition, our unique “Room Area Network” solution, allows multiple student devices to be connected and communicate with each other, thus delivering “home experience” (use a WiFi printer, connect wireless speakers ...)

Is the WiFi service easy to use for our international students?

The way to connect to the WiFi is very intuitive and available in many languages such as: French, English, German, Spanish, Dutch and Chinese. The WiFi service captive portal can be set to automatically match the language of the student device. Authentication using eduroam international roaming service is available.


Am I the owner of the equipment installed in the residence?

No. In order to offer the most competitive rates possible, Wifirst provides you with the network equipment, guaranteeing that you are benefiting from the latest technological solution on the market. This equipment remains the property of Wifirst who will maintain it throughout the duration of the contract.

Can I use my existing cabling infrastructure ?

In most of the cases, in order to guarantee an optimal WiFi quality of service, our integration teams carry out a complete cabling redeployment and certification. At Wifirst, we like to have full control over the parameters that impact the student connectivity experience. Provision of a wired internet in each student accommodation is also an option (re-using existing wired infrastructure)?

What happens if there is a problem on the WiFi network?

Students can contact to our 24/7 customer care line to receive assistance in connecting their devices. The network is constantly monitored by our technical teams who will intervene remotely or on site in case of an incident being detected.

Site Managers will have access to our support tools and can contact us directly by chat to report any issue.

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