PMS: an essential tool for hotel management

Guillaume Barre (UK)
15 May 2019

In the hotel industry, the PMS is at the centre of attention. With good reason! It is the central piece of software that ensures the smooth running of a hotel on a daily basis. Why and how has this software become so indispensable in the lives of hoteliers?

What is a PMS in the hotel industry?

A PMS (Property Management System) is a software package for the operational management of a property. It is generally used in the accommodation sector, more specifically in hotels and campsites.

It includes all the functionalities necessary for the daily activity of the reception centre. By centralising and automating tasks, it greatly simplifies the work of the staff while bringing significant productivity advantages.

Some of the basic functions offered by a hotel PMS (non-exhaustive list):

  • reservations 
  • room allocation
  • check-in/out
  • billing

Modern PMSs have gone beyond this basic foundation by adding much more advanced features.

A PMS management system enriched by integrations

Thanks to the interfacing capabilities, most of the third-party software used in a hotel can be connected to the Property Management System. All data is thus centralised in a single management tool. Interfacing allows the creation of bridges between the different systems, especially with OTAs (Online Tourism Agency) such as Booking or Expedia, which play a major role in the hotel business.

Examples of features related to the interconnection with a hotel's PMS: 

  • A feature of our hotel WiFi solution allows you to set up a private WiFi network per room. Thanks to the integration with the PMS, the validity of the WiFi password is adapted to the duration of the stay. The guest is therefore connected to the WiFi network in his room until check-out. Upon departure, the password is reset for the new occupant

  • With our TV solution for hotels "Stream & Cast", the interconnection with the PMS allows the guest's name to be automatically displayed on the TV screen and the operating instructions to be presented in the guest's native language to ensure a smooth and personalised experience.

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