Wifirst Center: The Management and Monitoring Tool for Wifirst Services

Laurine Marcel
02 May 2024

In today's interconnected world, effective management of Internet services is paramount to delivering an exceptional user experience. That's why we've introduced Wifirst Center, a robust tool crafted to streamline and enhance the management of Wifirst services in real time.

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This platform grants our customers access to vital functions from a unified interface, continuously upgraded to meet evolving market standards.

Enhancing our offering: introducing Wifirst Center

Wifirst Center is a web-based platform accessible from any device by simply logging in with your account credentials. It is designed for IT Directors, General Managers, Operations Directors and site managers.

Implementing a solution like Wifirst Center fulfills several of our customers' needs:

  • Management: Users have unrestricted control over all Wifirst services from the platform.
  • Supervision: Real-time detailed data on network usage is readily available.
  • Access to detailed reports: Users can readily access statistics covering Wifirst service usage, such as consumption, traffic distribution, and device connections, seamlessly available on the platform.
  • Contact: Users can swiftly reach out to our support service and lodge requests.

The platform is multi-builder, meaning that regardless of the brand, access points, switches, TVs, or phones, it offers the same level of visibility and interaction!

Key features of Wifirst Center

Wifirst Center offers an array of innovative features aimed at simplifying Wifirst service management:

  • A summary dashboard providing a real-time view of network status
  • A monitoring tool that facilitates the prompt identification and resolution of connectivity issues
  • Comprehensive statistics offering insights into network usage patterns.
  • Direct access to technical support is provided via an integrated ticketing system for efficient request management and tracking

With its advanced functionality and proactive monitoring capabilities, Wifirst Center stands as an indispensable tool for site managers. Its customisable interface ensures users only see the services they've subscribed to.

Take control on the move: our mobile app solution

To cater to our user's increasingly mobile needs, we've developed a companion mobile application, enabling seamless monitoring of all Wifirst services directly from your smartphone!

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The application is freely downloadable on iOS and Android platforms, regularly updated by our dedicated teams.

Wifirst Center is much more than just a tool for managing and monitoring Wifirst services; it's a complete solution designed to simplify and improve connectivity management. With its advanced features, intuitive interface, and easy access to customer support, Wifirst Center empowers administrators to deliver a superior experience to their users while optimising network performance.