Fournisseur de solutions de WiFi managé et fibre optique pour les coworkings

WiFi and Fibre solutions for coworking spaces

Offer ideal working conditions to your coworkers with a very high speed internet connection

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Ultra-connected coworkers

The share of coworkers is largely made up of freelancers in the web industry, start-ups and local companies. The expectations regarding the quality of internet access are therefore very high. No one will tolerate a faulty internet connection, whether it is in the form of network outages or a drop in throughput. In the increasingly competitive work-sharing market, a dissatisfied coworker is probably a lost coworker. It is therefore essential to equip yourself with a robust network infrastructure adapted to the uses of coworking.

Des coworkers de plus en plus connecté, nécessitant une connectivité excellente
Le besoin de WiFi haute densité dans les espaces de coworking

A high-quality WiFi network in your coworking space

The WiFi network of a shared workspace must meet several conditions:

  • provide full coverage of the workspace, meeting spaces and living areas
  • manage high density to accommodate large numbers of simultaneous users
  • be able to accommodate connected equipment such as printers or digital signage
  • be secured by an authentication process

A dedicated fibre line to feed the network infrastructure

In order to offer high-performance WiFi, it must be supported by an Internet access that is designed to meet the needs of the network. In a coworking environment, very high-speed internet access is therefore essential to provide an optimal connection experience. We also recommend subscribing to a professional internet offer in order to have speed and recovery time guarantees. Fibre pro ensures maximum performance and availability.

Fibre optique professionnelle pour connecter les coworkers

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