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The Wifirst network offers an excellent network service to the htophotels guest 

htophotels overview

htophotels is one of the leading chains in the Spanish hotel sector. It has 17 hotels along the Costa Brava, Costa Dorada and Costa de Barcelona, specialising in all-inclusive beach holidays. Its slogan is "happiness included" to reflect the love that the owners of this family business with 50 years behind them feel for their hotels.


Reasons they chose Wifirst

With such vast grounds some of these resorts enjoy, htophotels' customers needed a wider wireless coverage and better technical solution for the hotels' WiFi network. htophotels on the other hand, were looking to  centralise its digital services in a single provider.

The Solution

Wifirst coordinated and unified the WiFi solution for all the hotels under the WiFi as a Service model, where everything from the coverage survey, through the initial investment and 24/7 multilingual maintenance is managed by a single point of contact. Wifirst designed a WiFi solution with the ability to add services such as Room Area Network or Chromecast streaming in a modular way for when the customer would need it.  

In addition, Wifirst planned a roll-out plan that will see the initial results during the summer of 2023 and is analysing the growth in guest ratings. In addition, integration with the PMS via Salesforce is being considered in a joint project. The infrastructure has coverage outside the properties and has added fibre connectivity to all hotels.

The Results

With Wifirst connectivity, htophotels now has a single operator, with WiFi 6 networks in all hotels, 100% coverage and the ability to add new services without the need for new hardware. htophotels has full control and visibility of the networks as well as control of the connectivity fibres. In the end, with the Wifirst solution, htophotels has control of its costs and control of the quality of the network

htop pool
"The digitisation of our hotels was a decision that HTOP was very clear about. Today's hotel guests are more connected than ever, even those who come to relax and unwind. We are delighted to grow the brand together with the Wifirst team in Spain. The project management has been easy and the communication with the Wifirst team has been very professional.”

Roberto Ballesteros
IT Director, htophotels