Infrastructures réseau pour les entreprises : WAN, LAN, WLAN

WiFi and Fibre networks for businesses

A "Connectivity as a Service" model to support all innovations in your offices (Head Offices, Branch Networks, etc.)

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Connectivity to meet your business challenges

  1. Facilitate employee work: Encourage the development of mobility in the office, ensure a technical foundation capable of hosting all new business applications hosted in the cloud.
  2. Enriching the user experience: Whether for employees, visitors or customers, the important thing is to guarantee quality and a homogeneous connected experience on all your sites.
  3. Have a network that really works, everywhere, all the time: Under no circumstances should employees in the office or branch office be disrupted or frustrated by network malfunctions or coverage issues.
  4. Control costs: Digitalisation projects represent a significant financial investment, which is why controlling the costs of deploying and operating IT networks is essential.
Converged network

A professional WiFi network in your office

The deployment of a corporate WiFi network is a perfect complement to a wired local network. It allows you to develop mobile applications for your employees and visitors (customers and suppliers) but also to easily connect your IP equipment (telephones, cameras, etc.). Several wireless networks can be set up with different access rights assigned at the time of authentication. A professional WiFi network ensures an excellent quality of service thanks to scalability algorithms, prioritisation of flows and much more.

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Le réseau WiFi permet aux employés de travailler en mobilité
Fibre dédiée vs mutualisée

Very high-speed fibre leased line Internet access for businesses

In corporate offices and other workplaces, professional Internet access has become essential to ensure optimal working conditions for all employees. If the Internet connection is vital for your company's activity, it is probably wise to take out a subscription that guarantees service, both in terms of speed and recovery time in the event of technical problems. Wifirst equips a majority of its business customers with dedicated fibre lines for maximum quality and availability of service.

Network infrastructure as technical support for your connected services

The wireless Internet connection is not only related to the mobile work of your employees. The WiFi solution will also be useful for interconnecting numerous pieces of equipment in your company: IP telephony, printers, badge readers, digital signage screens, etc. The network infrastructures deployed by Wifirst in companies are designed to accommodate the most demanding uses, in all circumstances.

center mobivia

Industrial deployment capabilities for large-scale projects

Wifirst, thanks to its agile organisation and industrial production capacity, is able to carry out very large-scale projects, such as the deployment of 3,000 post offices in less than 18 months. This is particularly valuable when replacing existing infrastructures, as it ensures a smooth transition between old and new installations and limits the migration time.

In addition, we offer our customers unique web-based project management tools that provide real-time information on the overall deployment schedule, the progress of each site, and the monitoring of incidents and history. Entrusting Wifirst with your large-scale WiFi project is the assurance of a timely delivery and the respect of all the commitments made.


Our customers

Many companies use our WiFi, Managed LAN and dedicated fiber solutions to guarantee unparalleled connectivity to their employees, in all circumstances and whatever the uses.  See all success stories

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Find the answers to the questions most frequently asked by our customers and prospects regarding our WiFi and fiber optic solutions for businesses.

My current WiFi provider does not give me satisfaction. How can you be sure that Wifirst will offer a better solution?

Wifirst has been THE specialist in managed WiFi for professionals since 2002. Our specialization in WiFi technology guarantees unparalleled expertise on the market. We also capitalize on the deployment and operation of several hundred thousand access points to ensure the best quality of WiFi service for our business customers.

What is the link between fiber optics and corporate WiFi?

Optical fiber represents the Internet access that will power the company's WiFi infrastructure. It therefore plays a major role in the quality of the connection offered. Indeed, for optimal operation, the network must be correctly sized both in terms of Internet access and wireless infrastructure to support the load related to the different uses in the company. Wifirst favors dedicated fiber optic equipment for businesses in order to offer a high quality standard.

How does Wifirst determine the WiFi architecture suitable for each company?

During your first discussion with the Wifirst teams, our WiFi experts will collect your needs to understand and anticipate the uses of the network in your company. A radio audit will also be carried out on site to assess the number and type of WiFi terminals required as well as their location according to the space to be covered and its specificities (number of simultaneous users, connected devices/services, etc.) . This WiFi coverage study is an integral part of Wifirst's methodology, making it possible to offer the most efficient and reliable infrastructures.

What equipment does Wifirst work with?

Wifirst constantly evaluates the solutions of the various manufacturers of WiFi hotspots, routers, switches... Our engineers have very close relations with suppliers as prestigious as Ruckus, Cisco Meraki or Extreme Networks. We select the most suitable equipment to equip your company with professional WiFi and offer the best user experience to your employees.

Am I the owner of the equipment installed in my offices?

No. In order to offer the best network installation costs in your offices, Wifirst offers WiFi equipment for your business. The rapid evolution of new technologies means that there is really no point in investing yourself. Network equipment remains the property of Wifirst, which will maintain it for the duration of the commitment.

Can you reuse the cables already present in the premises of my company?

In the majority of cases, in order to guarantee an optimal quality of service, the integration teams carry out a complete redeployment and certify all the cabling necessary for the proper functioning of the WiFi system.

What captive portal solution do you use for guest WiFi?

The provision of a guest WiFi network is an increasingly common practice in business, to welcome suppliers, customers and partners in the best conditions. Due to our historical positioning in the student residence and hotel sectors, guest WiFi (also called client WiFi, in an agency context for example) is a subject that we have mastered at our fingertips. We also use our own captive portal solution, which is perfectly functional and imposes no limit on the number of users.

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