Integrated Chromecast: the ideal solution for hotels

The easiest casting solution to implement.

equip your establishment with chromecast

Wifirst selected the Philips integrated Chromecast to provide its customers with a practical solution: simplified installation, eliminating the risk of disconnection or theft, and ensuring high levels of supervision and support.

Wifirst and Philips: a lasting partnership

Wifirst has chosen Philips to address today's integrated Chromecast challenges. Wifirst and Philips have teamed up to provide you with a comprehensive Chromecast package that ranks among the best on the market. The goal of this partnership is to offer you the simplest and most secure user experience.



The advantages of integrated Chromecast


Secure connection bubble

Thanks to RAN's innovative technology, your customers can enjoy a WiFi experience just like at home!


Simplified installation

The solution is natively equipped with Cast for greater practicality: only a few connections to make! 



Clear instructions on how to use the services and intuitive navigation using the remote control optimise the user experience!

What is the integrated Chromecast?

The integrated Chromecast is an innovative solution that allows users to connect their TV to their device. It features:

  • A secure network bubble (or RAN) in each room
  • Customising the interface with the Wifirst TV portal
  • One-click distribution of content
  • No WiFi key (or dongle)

The primary benefit of Chromecast lies in its practicality it's easy to install, and there's minimal risk of disconnection or theft.


Photo 1 - Chromecast intégré
Photo 2 - Chromecast intégré

The Philips integrated Chromecast solution

Wifirst has chosen Philips MediaSuite professional televisions. There are many advantages to this range:

  • Stunning picture quality: available in 32-inch (81 cm) FHD format up to 75-inch (190.5 cm) in 4K or UHD
  • Netflix-certified television: QR code connection and account information automatically deleted at check-out (via link with PMS)
  • Integrated Chromecast: stream content wirelessly from all types of device (phone, tablet, computer) with a simple click on the Chromecast icon on the remote control

Philips Android TVs provide a direct means to engage with your customers, offering entertainment, reassurance, and connectivity — be it through customisable messages and interfaces or by linking them to the broader world.

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Applications compatible with our solution

Nearly 3,000+ applications are compatible with the built-in Chromecast.

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TV project management

As well as Chromecast, Wifirst can help you set up and manage your entire multimedia project: IPTV portal, digital signage, deployment and configuration, etc.